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German Authors

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Ditkaville, Nebraska
Scott Kleager
Follow Rundal and Libby Ditka as they meet, marry and homestead on the banks of the North Platte River in western Nebraska at the very end of the 1890s, then found the village of Ditkaville, Nebraska. Witness firsthand the town's descent into prostitution and vice, and its eventual disappearance behind the mist of collective forgetfulness. Using a strong dose of magic realism, the novel satirizes modern America's culture wars-with delicate stabs at democracy, homelessness, agriculture, genetic engineering, and the pioneer saga-in a way that is humorous and ironic.

Softcover [$21.95] 

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ISBN: 1-4137-2595-3, 268 pages, 6 x 9

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Feral World
J. R. Dittbrenner
Under the rule of the NEWS, the globalization of the science-industrial and military complexes was complete. Civil authority of the nation states had ended. In 2085 the dynamism of the New World Enterprise System is brought to an abrupt halt. Norman Stadt, Managing Director Western Hemisphere, is stunned by the discovery of a new antiparticle by an unknown Dr. Munchner. The disturbing implication is that a secret, advanced civilization now exists outside the NEWS’s dominions. Mandan is enlisted to find Dr. Munchner. Because of his wide ranging research in foreign lands, he seems to be an ideal hunter. Mandan, through years of research, has conceived the idea of an “Eden Event” that alters the current evolutionary thinking. His thesis is that the higher integrations in life forms were hastened by genetic interventions. Mandan’s search for Dr. Munchner and his new quantum mechanics leads to mind-altering conclusions for Mandan.

Softcover [$16.95] 

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ISBN: 1-4137-4153-3, 119 pages, 5.5 x 8.5

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Nothing but the Truth
Nothing but the Truth is a work of poetry and meant to be an impulse. Today’s world develops more and more to a place where a beast of prey called money dominates over humanity. Should there be at least one reader of my book whom I can rouse out of his restricted ideology and who starts to think, I have reached my goal. Thanks to all politicians and all global economic bosses. Without them we had nothing to think about and could not demonstrate for humanity and a better world…

Softcover [$17.95] 

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ISBN: 1-4137-3023-X, 125 pages, 5.5 x 8.5

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