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Adventures of Avarom, The
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Best Fantasy Book of 2006 - NewBookReviews   
Ray Ward
Madill, OK
       Orlando, Florida author J L Stewart's The Adventures of Avarom selected for Best Fantasy Book Of 2006 Award by New Book Reviews announces the 2006 winners in the's Spotlight 2006 Best Book of the Year Award. /24-7PressRelease/ - MADILL, OK, January 29, 2007 - New Book Reviews announced the 2006 winners in the's Spotlight 2006 Best Book of the Year Award. The Adventures of Avarom by J L Stewart has been selected as the best fantasy book of 2006 by New Book Reviews editors and reader base. Each year selects from their Spotlight Book of the Week Winners, the best fantasy book of the year. New Book Reviews criteria for Book of the Year Awards are: writing style and professionalism, marketability, subject interest, reader's preference and.editor's preference.

Adventure Tale (The Gainesville Sun)   
Ted Geltner, Editor
Gainesville, Florida
       For most of Avarom's life, the parts he can remember, he has wandered through out the Great Lands. But a heroic event leads him to become the queen's bodyguard, and when she disappears, Avarom is blamed, and must find the queen or face the headman's block. That's the set-up for the new action-packed fantasy novel "The Adventures of Avarom," from Orlando-based author J.L. Stewart. As the story proceeds, past deeds are brought to light, questions of lineage come into play, and the quest turns into a battle for mankind.

The Adventures of Avarom   
Oklahoma, USA
       J L Stewart's The Adventure of Avarom is a tale of sorcerers, witches, love, honor, death and war. This well written novel captures the imagination of the reader and transports them to a mystical time and place, Servitica during the reign of the Red Queen. The Queen's relationships with her protector and bodygaurd, Avarom, and her trusted chamber maid Anrika. Mystery surrounds Avarom because little is known about his past, or his lineage. He is thrust into mortal danger when the Red Queen disappears while under his care. The Queen and her realm is threatened when war is opened against her, and the King of Daru's lands , would they be able to save their lands, and what of the mysterious Eutrotals and their intentions. The Adventures of Avarom is delightful and whimisical while hiding dark secrets that few will suspect. I highly recommend this book. I found it entertaining and just fun to read> Ray Ward editor6(at)newbookreviews(dot)org

Bill Hammond
Rochester, NY
       i picked up this book back in late december and though the beginning was a bit slow there is a reason behind it, for it builds up to a very suspensful tale. It's not to say that the book doesn't have it's faults, which are minor. The always Good vs evil, blaming the hero for something he didn't do - But with this tale there is a twist....and a good one. I cannot critique it down to the last word because there are some books out there from major book-firms that have done worst with far less of a story-line. Here, this character is fresh, new and gets right to the heart of the matter of action and adventure. That's my opinion. I'm reading it again and then I'll pass it on to a few fiction fanatics that read this stuff. I may return with a another review, but as I see it four out of five stars is good enough for me.

New Hampshire
       I've read this book about three times, and yes, the tense throws you off a bit. But it does not interfere with the story nor with the characters. And if this is J.L. Stewart's first book, I can't wait for the next.

NOW is Avarom   
       This is actually a good adventure tale. The characters are well presented and diverse enough to make each stand out as separate people. The main character is not presented as one of the most fantastic legends of fantasy, but moves among those around him more as an equal. Overall, the story itself is a worthy tale.

What destroys the narrative is the present tense writing style that loses focus on the surroundings to attempt a sense that everything is happening in real time. There is no explanation for using the present tense: no recorder mentioned as taking notes as things happen, no omnipresent narrator, or other rationale for the odd writing style. The words were actually considered annoying as things stayed in a ever-present ‘now,’ especially when the text mentioned days passing without justifying the days passing to the ever-present reader.

Had the author used the normal past tense, and taken the time to fully paint the description of some scenes, this would have been an amazing book. As it stands, the plot and characters come across as less than substantial.

       I've read this book twice and have to admitt it was quite enjoyable. The characters have personality and are not dull. The ending was really nice. Or is there an ending??

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