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Addiu, Bedda Sicilia: Goodbye, Beautiful Sicily
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Story Delightful   
Karen F.
       During a time period of significant national attention to immigration issues, I read Geraldine Villalba's first book, Addiu, Bedda sicily. This delightful story of the author's Italian immigrant ancestors, describes their successful assimilation into American culture in the early 1900's. Woven with a thread of suspense and mystery, one is compelled to discover "who done what to whom!" As the story progresses westward from Ellis Island, the setting eventually focuses in the San Jose and San Francisco areas of California. The author has obviously done her homework as she has written her book with historical authenticity and accurate descriptions of places and events. A great read.

Jeanette Thompson
       The author vividly describes the beauty of Sicily in a way that inspires the reader to want to visit there. It portrays a clear sense of time and place, multidimensional characters especially Gino in an unforgettable story. A compelling tale of love, loss and survival, a book full of warmth, sense of the importance of family and goodness.

Lighthouse Literary Reviews
       I greatly enjoyed reading this "based on a true story" book and found myself literally unable to put it down. The writing is superb, the story captivating and the characters well developed. I was wistful in wishing I had known Gino and his family and found myself missing them when the story ended so tragically.

Fascinating and Emotional   
Donna McCord
California, USA
       This book is obviously written from the heart and the descriptions bring everything to life. Because this story is based on true occurrences, it is all the more provocative and heart rending.

Donna Faulkner
California, USA
       Author Geraldine D. Villalba writes as if she was compelled to tell her story and she does so in a real and refreshing style without gimmicks or needless distractions. It is a lovely way to weave a true tale.

Ohio, USA
       Opening the pages was as if entering a secret passage to a land bearing all the ingredients of an exquisite journey filled with enticement, excitement, fear, heartache and courage. I could almost taste sweet wine, fresh baked bread and smell the orchards swaying within the gentle breezes of Sicilia. Geraldine D. Villalba left me yearning for more. Anna Aquene

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