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A Migrant's Tale
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a migrant's tale   
       This is an interesting book which seems to argue basically that people should be allowed to live wherever they want. The book follows a Polish man as he travels around the world, witnessing the social consequences of the rules which say people can't go where they want. At the end, the Pole attempts to enter the United Kingdom to study for a masters degree, after going from India to Europe without flying. Like many people, he is denied entry and then commits suicide. The book finishes by showing how a year after this happened, Poland entered the EU and Polish people were actually allowed to live in the United Kingdom without a visa. This book is the best argument for multiculturalism out there although it's only about 200 pages long. It's also a very funny book and one to be recommended.

good book   
       I have never written a book review before but I thought I would just say - what a wonderful, little book. After chapter 3, I was laughing nearly every page. It is a well crafted book which I am happy to have read.

Essex, S.E.England
       an enjoyable book that looks at the interesting issues of our time through the eyes of a young, Polish man who travels around the world working in lots of places and meeting lots of people. some of Jerzy's conclusions may seem controversial and even rude but the book is consistent and shows how he came to these conclusions through his own experiences and logic. i liked this book and especially its characters.

i loe it   
Nottingham, England
       there are pages and pages of relentless ridicule of the chinese. i love it!

mother and son   
Cornwall, UK
       I have just got to the bit where the confused Thai girl is reunited with her 4 year old son after 2 years away. I don't think I can read any more. It's too much. Why did she leave her son with that horrid grandmother? Why didn't she take her son with her? They love each other .This is too much. Mothers and youngs sons should be together. Not like that. Never!

Global Inequality?   
       So how do we rich people reconcile ourselves to the situation that we're rich whilst the rest of the world is poor? Denial? Argue that we deserve our riches and stick up for them? Or say that this is just how it is and get as much pleasure from our wealth as we can?? This book argues that inequality and a lot of other global problems are caused by the rules which say that most people are unable to move around the world freely. The book highlights the immense human suffering caused by these visa rules. And the book argues not unconvincingly that creating a multicultural world where people are allowed to live wherever they want is the best and only answer to problems such as poverty and terrorism. The book says how this is not unrealistic but very achievable. A very entertaining book! Also interesting to read about different countries and people.

A Migrant's Tale   
Oban, Scotland
       I have just finished this book and I just want to say that it is great. A great read! It's also of a very high quality. It's highly readable, intelligent, funny and original. Would recommend it!!

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