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200 Authors and How They Were Published
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A Look at the Authors   
       The variety of people is overwhelming. They range in age from their teens to their eighties. Their professions range from teaching, military service, nursing, business, journalism, and even a dentist. Some are retired and some are just beginning careers. The books they have written include: fantasy, romance, history, poetry, memoir, and horror. They write from what they know from their lives, and what they have had in their imaginations for years. Some have written one book and others many. Some are just starting out and others have been writing for years. Some had lived many other places in the world from Africa to Pakistan. They speak of their need to write, that voice inside that tells them there is a story to tell and they have to tell it. Some talk about having thought of the subject of their book for a long time, and when they finally sat down at the blank computer screen the words flowed “as from a mountain stream.”

200 authors    
       Being also one of the lucky few in the " 200 authors " book , I want to thank here the people who got this very interesting compilation together . Let us hope it helps us all !

200 Authors   
Gloria (Twilah)
Maine, USA
       I am one of the authors included in this book. I am proud to be associated with the other contributors.

Something Different   
       Review of "200 Authors and How They Were Published." By John Charles Keohane. A collection of the synopsis on the 200 books and some background of the 200 authors who wrote them. Authors all published with Publish America. This book offers a chance to read reviews and synopsis and offers hope for all new or struggling authors wanting to be published. A different book, with a great idea, which proves to be very interesting. Full credit goes to Mr.Keohane for the idea and for his labor to produce this fine book. Anne Lebrecht "MEMORIES OF A FORGOTTEN PAST." "DISCOVERIES OF A HIDDEN PAST." Author # 38

A Book of Knowledge   
Florida, USA
       Here is the low-down on 200 authors, giving the reader insight into their life and writings. I am honored to be included.

200 PA Authors    
       One PA author is great, but 200 PA authors in one book is phenominal. I am so proud to be one of the trend setters in Publish America.

200 Authors and how they were published   
Anne Lebrecht
       As one of the lucky authors I am proud to be a part of this book. Publish America found me and gave me hope and a chance to be read and heard. What an honor to now be represented in this fine book. Anne Lebrecht

Proud to be included . . .   
Margaret Hodapp
       I am one of the 200 authors included in this book. I am proud to be in the company of the fine authors who tell their stories and list their accomplishments.

200 Authors   
       This book praises 200 amazing published authors. By reading each Author's page I am able to decide which book is the type of story I like to read. So I will order that individual book.

Scott Siller
       How majestic it is to see 200 aspiring authors join together in hopes of sharing with readers the grandeur of writing with passion, with purpose, and with persistence. PublishAmerica authors are the greatest. Being among this elite group is truly an honor.

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