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"Ollie Ollie in Come Free!"
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Ollie Ollie in Come Free!   
       TCM REVIEWS: Ollie Ollie in Come Free! Nicole Rocheleau ISBN: 1-421-0433-5 Fiction, Young Adult Reviewed by Olga Sprague As spirited as the beloved childhood jingle, when all are safe and free to just be, Ollie Ollie in Come Free! is Nicole Rocheleau's first book in a promising middle reader series featuring strong, modern female characters and heartening relationships between adults and children. Daring, fun, and awkward, 12 year-old Emmy Bolan's stories are based on her knack of finding situations. Shortly facing a new school year and contemplating her crush on the new boy next door, Emmy, often with her best friend Ryan in tow, takes you from tree-tops to emergency rooms, filling each encounter with quick humor, good solutions and positive feelings. Set in modern day, upper-middle class America, and written in a simple, youthful voice, Ollie Ollie in Come Free! is a read-aloud choice for parents and for 9-12 year old readers wanting to enjoy a quick, fun story about growing-up.

Well Worth the Read!!!   
S. Cowell
       A reviewer and educator Well Worth the Read!!! As an educator and a youth volunteer, I like knowing what's out there for young readers. The title of this book caught my eye as I remembered playing hide-and-go-seek and hearing the call 'Ollie Ollie In Come Free' to alert all of us who were still hidden to come on in. Once I opened up the cover, I found it difficult to put the book down. The characters came alive in my mind. I would finish one chapter immediately wondering where the story was going and had to keep on reading! Ms. Rocheleau does a fabulous job of placing the reader into the mind of a pre-teen and takes us on an unforgettable journey through the quirky, heart-touching, mysterious and laugh-out-loud moments of Emmy Bolan and her friends Ryan and Gavin. I thoroughly enjoyed the book! I grew up in the 80's reading Judy Bloom and saw how Ms. Rocheleau offers a similar depth and enjoyment to today's young readers. This book reminded me of those awkward yet exciting years of becoming a teenager...not that I want to revisit those years now, but its fun to reminisce. I would highly recommend this book to any young reader knowing that Mom, Dad, siblings, teachers, youth volunteers, etc. would enjoy it as well!!! I'm already looking forward to the sequel!

"Ollie Ollie in Come Free!"   
Mrs. Jane Weber Library-Media Specialist
       Life with Emmy Bolan is not always what one expects. You never know what is around the corner. Emmy's friendship with Ryan is especially heartening, as good friends are always there when you need them and never let you down. This funny, quick moving story will motivate all to read on to see what will happen next. I look forward to see where Emmy's next adventure will take her...

Ollie Ollie In come free   
New York
       Book was suggested my a friend for my grandchild. I purchased it, read it and purchased five more for each grandchild. Great book

Ollie Ollie In come free   
       A throughly enjoyable book for the whole family to read. Tells for a girl who is shy, yet willing to be an adventurer. Very funny!

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