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1863: Year of Lost Opportunities
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1863 Year of lost Opportunities   
       Wow...what a documentation. Took my time. Initially I thought this needs some "background knowledge" of the war. So I slowed my pace and thought about it and reread some chapters. I it is truly a work of knowledge.

1863 Year of Lost Opportunities   
Bill C.
       I am a 74 year old history buff especially interested in the American Civil War. I was extremely impressed by Stan Grocki's 1863 Year of Lost Opportunities. The book is fluid, easy to read, enjoyable and very informative.

1863 Year of Lost Opportunities   
Bill C.
       I am a 74 year old history buff especially interested in the American Civil War. I was extremely impressed by Stan Grocki's 1863 Year of Lost Opportunities. The book is fluid, easy to read, enjoyable anf very informative.

1863 Year of Lost Opportunities   
New York, USA
       Dear Stan, You may not remember us but we remember you. We are the family of New Yorkers you met at Bull Run on Sunday May 29th 05 and I bought a copy of your book which I am enjoying tremendously. It was very moving for us to visit the place where our ancestor was killed and see the boulder there in his memory. Meeting you was special. All best wishes from us all and thank you again. Phyliss Townley

1863 Year of Lost Opportunities   
New Hampshire
       Stan, Your book that I have just read is excellent and informative. You are to be complimented for the clarity you impart to the complicated act odescribing the actions of thousands of men. I did not get lsot in following their actions or their importance, though I am not really familiar with most of the actions of the second days fight at Gettysburg. Yoiu give a human character to the people you mention which makes the story all the more enjoyable. A simple, dry retelling would not keep my interest as well as your narrative.Bob (Civil War reenactor)

1863 Year of Lost Opportunities   
Rich Nadeau
Virginia, U.S.
       My father-in-law gave me your book which you kindly autographed. For the past four years I have been an avid reader of civil war books. Your perspective on the pivotal battle of gettysburg was interesting. It was the first time I learned of the possible role of alcohol in causing a Confederate general to be lethargic thereby harming the confederate position. Further your "what if" sections were helpful in re-informing that the Confederate army suffered from a number of unfortunate circumstances (some of which were bad luck and some bad generalship) that doomed their indepencence effort. thank you for your great work. very truely yours \Rich Nadeau

1863 Year of Lost Opportunities   
       I want to start off by saying that it was a pleasure to meet you at Greystone's in Gettysburg this past Sunday on Rememberance Day weekend. I am writing this mail as per your request about my thoughts on your work. Let me start by saying your book is an excellent piece on that fateful year and very enjoyable and wonderful reading. I finished your book in one day and felt compelled to start it as soon as I returned home from Gettysburg. out of the plethora of books I read on the Gettysburg Campaign yours was a refreshing new twist into the campaign. It is great to finally find an author that presents the story of the battle how it should be and does not dive into the tactical complexities of the battle too extreme. It is great that a book on the battle finally does some justice to taske the failure of the campaign off of Longstreet and place it where it rightfully should be on the heads of Stuart and Lee. Also nice to point out the failure of Meade to bring final closure to the war. Who knows what would have happened if Meade had actually pursued Lee and ended that dreadful year and war on the outskirts of that town in Pa. Your use of "waht ifs" really made me wonder what if and that is something I have never contemplated before in my studies. Your work is now an indispensable addition to my Civil War library ans I will gladly recommend it to anyone looking for a fresh perspective an Gettysburg. Again I was glad to meet you and hope you will publish more.

1863 Year of Lost Opportunities   
       LETTER RECEIVED FROM WASHINGTON STATE Have been reading your book. A truly fine piece of work. I have enjoyed going back in some of my books on the Civil War and comparing their observations to yours. You have a humanity in your observations tha is good to see. Lincoln'e concerns and observations on Gettysburg an General Meade were much like yours, and he had a great deal at stake there. so Stan thanks for a fine piece of wirk and appreciate your thoughts, observations and your humanization of that piece of our American history.

1863 Year of Lost Opportunities   
       Letter received from a woman who bought my book at the 140th anniversary reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg. Dear Mr. Grocki, I just finished your book, 1863 Year of Lost Opportunities. I enjoyed it very much and it was written in such a way that I understood the war and the people involved much clearer than before. Thank you for the time you spent with us during your rest period fromn the reenactment battle. Thank yuou again Barbara Windolski Southwick, Ma.

What Might Have Been!   
North Carolina
       Mr. Grocki has given us a very insightful look at the action during the battle of Gettysburg. He offers alternatives to the chosen course of action and makes us think, "What might have happened if only...". Mr. Grocki gives us this unique perspective from a variety of experiences...a veteran, a historian, a battlefield tramper,and a reenactor. With this wealth of experience, Mr. Grocki has provided those of us interested in the Battle of Gettysburg with a much needed dose of new thinking about the battle. Mr. Grocki writes in an organized and easy to read style. While interesting photos are placed throughout the book, more maps and more action photos of Mr. Grocki's reenactimg experiences would have added to the pleasure of reading his fine book. I give this book 5 stars due to the authors originality. He makes you think. It is a fun read! Pop open a cold one and enjoy it!

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