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Is True?
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Is true?   
Florida, USA
       Is true? is a New Age Fiction adventure with a Christian Scientist twist and a surprise ending. The main character is a woman named Nora, who struggles with her religious beliefs. She has attitude and a life changing experience when her husband, Ethan, has a near fatal motorcycle accident and goes into a coma. Before his accident Ethan expressed a theory of the next coming of Christ to Nora. It involves a man in coma. She waits for him to awake. The adventure begins when Nora finds Ethan awake. Nora, Ethan and a policeman named Henry, who has been educated in the ways of the world as a military policeman on a naval vessel, travel from southern Indiana to Rome to Paris to the French Alps in search of the truth. The truth they seek involves the belief that Jesus lived after his crucifixion and left a message which they decipher and follow. Further, Angels arrive in “Falling stars”. If they go public with their discoveries religion as we know it will change forever. A major powerful Church of the world tries to stop them. Nora’s experience prompts her to believe and become a hobbyist theologian. I enjoyed it very much I feel it could be true. I heard from the person who recomended it to me that it is based on actual events.

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