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Country Gourmet, The: Easy Country Recipes & Memories of Mama
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Jay Squires
Bakersfield, CA
       “The Country Gourmet” is a textbook for the Culinary Artist whose heart has never left mama’s kitchen. Any cookbook would be a rare find, indeed, if it can lure me away from my 48 oz, yellow and blue Bisquick box, send me scrambling through fridge and cupboard for scratch ingredients, many of which are in boxes, layered with the dust of disuse –all this for the promise of a true country biscuit. They took me about 10 minutes longer to prepare, but hey! I give that up to the Zen-like experience of its preparation. In fact, for all us in this fast-food, microwaveable, just-add-water-and-bake generation, an enterprising author should write a book called “Zen and the Art of Biscuit Making.” The theme would be “slow down and enjoy the process.” But wait! Someone has! Margie Robinson-Toone (the name itself suggests a Zen koan) with her “The Country Gourmet” has written the definitive cookbook whose theme could easily be: “Tomorrow, of itself, will come… so today, enjoy the moment. Savor the food on the plate before you. Whether you prepared it, or someone prepared it for you… it was prepared with love.” At the risk of being anti-climactic there is more: While the bacon is sizzling in the cast iron skillet, and the eggs are a-scrambling, what better to do while occasionally glancing at the biscuits’ progress than read one or two of the anecdotal yarns that are peppered throughout this delightful cookbook. And what better one to read while watching the oven than a tale about what some mischievous children, years ago, did with some uncooked biscuits and some old boots. No, I won’t spoil the punch-line, but I will tell you it will leave you chuckling long after your last biscuit has sopped up what’s left of the gravy on your plate. Above all, remember that life is short. So enjoy the experience of it.

A True Taste of the Country   
Deborah Turner
Washington State
       Margie Toone's, The Country Gourmet, is so more than just another country cookbook. Filled with tales of family, this book invites the reader in to sit a spell and enjoy some of the best home-cookin' anywhere. Not to be missed are Ms. Toone's Thanksgiving Turkey, Cornbread Dressing, and Turkey Gravy. Try out the Chicken and Dumplings, and don't forget dessert. Each recipe is easy to follow and quick to put together. While it's cooking, read about Margie's Mama, Iva Lou Robertson, and her remarkable fight against cancer. This is a must have cookbook for any kitchen. I highly recommend it.

Comfort food and reading...   
Lynn Barry, author of "Puddles" and "Bjoyfl."
Andover, NY
       The recipes in "The Country Gourmet" spin a tale of comfort as well as good eats. The remembrances of the author's mama and her love of food and life does more than feed the reader's soul, it gives the reader hope that there is truly more to life than getting out of bed each day; there are wonderful dishes to prepare and delicious people to get to know and break bread together with. TWO THUMBS way up for this amazingly inspiring cookbook/biography chronicling a daughter's love for her mother and her mother's cooking.

'The Country Gourmet'   
Westminster, Maryland
       The ‘Country Gourmet Book’ authored by Margie Robertson Toone is a collection of recipes and poignant childhood memories combined to make a interesting read. Ah, the Southern life style sure sounds appetizing. Just reading the vividly described moments in time and imagining the smells of foods added pounds to my ever expanding rear compartment. Imagining the toasty kitchen, hearing the sounds of bacon frying and the smell of breads baking took me back to my Grandma’s little log cabin in the hills of West Virginia. The recipes are simple and easy to prepare in contrast to other recipe books that require one to travel to foreign lands to search for unusual spices or where one has to take out a second mortgage to afford the ingredients. The Country Gourmet is a MUST HAVE for those cooks who just want to serve a good UNCOMPLICATED and appealing meal for their family and friends while making memories that last a lifetime! T. Y. Green, Author

A must have book!!   
Texas, USA
       This is not your Momma's cookbook!! What a neat concept and excellent execution. A combination novel/family history and recipies. Well written and fun to read. Don't miss this one, you will regret it later. Reece Daniel/ Author/ Desert Sunshine

What a Tribute!   
Marcyle Taliaferro/author
       The Country Gourmet is a legacy of family recipes and love for family. You'll not only find mouth-watering, easy-to-follow recipes, but you'll find that Margie Robertson-Toone is a connoisseur of life and love, and that her stories are as delectable as good country cooking. This is a great book for those who love to cook, and perhaps even greater for those who don't. The combination of family stories and luscious results of the reicpes will inspire you to try every dish and remember that for family, every effort is worthwhile. Margie's Mudd Hogg Pie is the favorite of my seven-year-old mud-hogging grandson who feels so special when I've baked a pie just for him--the fact that the recipe makes two is a special bonus for hubby and I. The Country Gourmet is a wonderful tribute to good country food, family love and especially to Mama--Iva Lou Robertson, whose love lives on the hearts of her family and in her stories in The Country Gourmet. Thanks, Margie, for sharing her with us.

Curl up and Read   
       This isn't just another cook book. From its paperback form to its wonderful stories this is a great novel. This is the type of book that you curl up with. You read and cry; read and drool. This book isn't just about great food; but it is also about a family that experienced the wonderful South and lived to write about it. These people were happy with their cornbread dressing and gumbo. They didn't need fancy foods to be happy. This book makes you think of your own experiences in life and helps you to remember what a wonderful thing food is. I recently made Cornbread Dressing and Sweet Potatoe Suffle and got many compliments on it. There wasn't enough they could say about it. I enjoyed just curling up with this heart-warming book of memories and great food.

A Smorgasbord of Heavenly Comfort Food!   
Staci Layne Wilson
Hollywood, CA
       Not only does The Country Gourmet feature a smorgasbord of heavenly comfort foods, it also conjures comforting memories of childhood and motherly love. Written with down-home Texas flair by Margie Robertson-Toone, the recipes are mouth-watering and the memories of mama are heart-warming -- Toone lost her mother to breast cancer (a portion of the proceeds from The Country Gourmet will be going to selected breast cancer charities). The stories are interwoven throughout the recipes, which feature such hearty fare as Grandma's Jailhouse Donuts, Buttermilk Pie, Thanksgiving Turkey, Mama's Gumbo, and Country Fried Steak. There is even a helpful section on cookery, the selection and care of cast iron pots and pans, etc. The recipes are easy-to-follow and prepare Texas traditional feasts, with several unique twists from mama's kitchen. This book carries with it a lovely nostalgia for days-gone-by, when family and friends truly enjoyed the mealtime as a focal point to talk and share the day's happenings. The Country Gourmet a truly tasty collection of recipes handed down from generation to generation, with enough choices to fill your tummy and then satisfy your sweet tooth. --end-- ===== • MPAA Accredited Journalist & Reviewer • Active Member, L.A. Press Club • Active Member, Horror Writers Association Visit my "home on the Web" • See my 60 Second Critic movie reviews • New Movie Reviews • New DVD Reviews • Exclusive Interviews with Major Celebrities • Streaming Video from Film Premieres • Photos • Press Junket Reports • Fiction and Non-Fiction Stories and Book Info

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