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A Harrowing Look at Society...with zombies   
Derry, Maine
       It’s hard to even pick a place to begin. (d)EVOLUTION delivers on everything it promises. The span of the book reaches into every facet of society. Politics, religion, drugs, violence and a multitude of additional themes are all strong, well thought, and pointed. Everything about this, from the implied Darwinian struggle, is pertinent to society. And then, you have these zombies. I can’t begin to say exactly how this type of material is melded with the undead, but it works. The zombies, which are supposed to be these mindless killing machines, often prove to be the most harmless characters. But when they do attack, the sense of suspense is palpable. This is, above all else, a horror story. What is the most striking about this book is its ability to convey the state of affairs currently addressing our kids. There is a constant sense of tragedy surrounding the lifestyles of the characters. Each of them has been thrust into a life of depression by something outside of their control. It’s engaging it its ability to weave a narrative while opening the eyes of its readers to some of the commonplace dangers facing young America, while managing to remain eloquent in its assault on the nation’s policies. I’ve read better books, but this one stands out among all of them. Its unorthodox style and scope makes it worth the read by itself, and the action and gore are more than worth the price of admission.

You sometimes forget this is fiction...   
Illinois, USA
       The halting of human evolution. Brought upon by ourselves or some higher being? After eons of evidence behind Darwinian theory, is today's man actually proving the exception to his rule? These ideas are front and center in this thought-provoking novel. Come to think of it, these same ideas are front and center every time I turn on my TV. Every time I read my newspaper. Every time I wake up. This book's disturbing dystopian themes displayed through vivid imagery and carefully-chosen symoblism make one realize that its "fiction" is really mirroring today's world. It's this very merging of the imaginary and the real, the mortal and the immortal, that make this a classic fictional piece. If you are at all worried about the status of our current society, this work has even more bad news for you; what rises to the top of the food chain has even that much further to fall.

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