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Big Ice
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The Midwest Book Review    unknown
       Big Ice is an exciting and suspenseful tale of threat, extremism, and heroic desperation. When a reclusive polar ice researcher discovers a "doomsday fault" that could potentially cause a massive amount of ice to detach, melt, flood coastal cities around the globe and wreak havoc upon humanity, he is thrust in the center of a nexus of journalists, law enforcement officials, and ruthless fanatics determined to make cataclysmic prophecies come true. A gripping and thrilling read, BIG ICE documents author Chroistopher Boon Jones as a gifted and original novelist of considerable talent and storytelling expertise.

Big Ice   
Pine Bluff Commercial
Pine Bluff, AR
       Big Ice by Christopher Bonn Jonnes is a big treat. If a big chunk of ice broke off of Antarctica it could wipe out coastal populations by displacing an enormous amount of water. Seth has figured out how to predict the cracks, but others want that info. Jonnes reels you in with an interesting and unusual hero. He gets dubbed the Shy Samaritan after rescuing a woman from a burning vehicle and refusing to talk to the press. What he discovers about his true motives for being shy and why he burned his bridges back home is a neat plot turn. And some of the most page turning moments are when Seth is explaining the details of what¹s going on with nature way down south. This places the author on a noteworthy shelf alongside such authors as Michael Crichton who make science into fascinating fiction. Big Ice is available at

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