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999 Officer Down
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999 Officer Down   
The Tactical Edge
       Russell J. Reiker was police officer for 21 years. Two months before his scheduled retirement he was tragically injured on duty. His injury was so severe he should not have survived, but did. Although handicapped now with only partial use of one side of his body, he and his family have moved on with their lives. Mrs. Reiker, now a caregiver for her husband, wrote a manuscript about her husband's career, which was recently published by a small publishing company. Entitled "999 Officer Down: The Russ Reiker Story", those who have read it are calling it simply inspirational.

Highlights include Officer Reiker's career from the time he entered the police adacemy, to the day he was injured and his career ended. The story line coincides with the death of his closest friend, also a police officer, who was brutally murdered four years earlier, in the worst shootout in the history of the Phoenix Police Department.

These two police officers were prepared to give their lives to the citizens of their community each day they worked. One did, the other lost the ability to enjoy the wonderful life he once had.

999 Officer Down is a book you’ll certainly want to read   
       If you’ve ever wondered what the life of a police officer’s wife is like, "999 Officer Down: The Russ Reiker Story," is a book you’ll certainly want to read. Written by Officer Russ Reiker’s wife, Catherine, “999 Officer Down: The Russ Reiker Story,” takes you behind the scenes— into the very household of a big city police officer’s family. You’ll share the fear, agony and uncertainty faced each day by Catherine and their children as Officer Reiker leaves home for work. Catherine Reiker, as probably all police officers’ wives do, feared the day when that dreaded call would come telling her that her police officer husband had been injured, or killed in the line of duty. For the Reiker family that call came just two months prior to Officer Reiker’s planned retirement. Reiker, a 21-year veteran of the Phoenix Police Department, was working as a school resource officer, when he was traumatically injured while on duty. In 1995, while surrounded by a group of Midtown Elementary School students, Officer Reiker suffered a severe seizure and fell to the ground. While doctors are unsure what caused the seizure, they do know one thing for sure—it’s a miracle that he survived. “999 Officer Down” chronicles the many extraordinary and remarkable incidents of Officer Reiker’s career. The story culminates with the intensely personal moments preceding and during his seizure and the recovery process. Memories that have, until now, been shared with only a few very special people. Russ Reiker’s tragic story is closely mirrored throughout by the circumstances leading to the death of Ben—a fellow officer and one of his closest friends. During the worst shoot-out in the history of the Phoenix Police Department, Ben was killed on almost the same date and time of day Russ’ career ended.

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