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Brownstone in Brooklyn, A
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In The Company Of My Sistahs Book Club Review
       Well written about the Vietnam era, black neighborhoods, the black family/village and race relations of the time. The novel opens with Andy Pilgrim, a senior at City College drafted and scared to death of being accepted into the army. The Brownstone in Brooklyn where the Pilgrims live was a village that supported Andy and each other. In the sixties we all had Mother Natures' and Sister Loves' living in our buildings or in the neighborhood. The novel is a slice of a young man's life during turbulent times. Mr. Thompson does a good job of intertwining drama, romance and relationships while keeping true what was really happening at that time in history in urban areas of the United States. I re-lived part of the sixties. I am recommending the book to my bookclub, In the Company of My Sistahs (Northern California). Well done!

Jay Squires
       The greatest compliment one can pay the author of his memoirs is: 'I know those people! I really know them!' I feel privileged to sit at the table beside Andy (Mr. Julius Thompson) while his mama, Golda, dishes out a sumptuous ~ though modest ~ feast. My hand is in Andy's. My other hand is in Andy's Step-father's (Marvs) strong black hand while we follow his lead in bowing our heads, and feel his love and his deep and unshakeable faith as he leads us in grace. Mr. Julius Thompson takes us on a literary journey through the tempestuous sixties. His main character, Andy Michael Pilgrim, has a dream ~ a dream in an environment and generation that could easily crush a less enduring black man's dreams. With riots and death all around him, Andy persists in the pursuit of his dream. With the love of his life, Leslie, beside him, Golda's love (leaning heavily on him, sometimes, as a mother's love will tend to do), Marvs guidance and love giving him direction, and a whole wacky cast of loveable characters ~ his extended family ~ urging him on, Andy moves relentlessly forward, overcoming towering obstacles, until his dream is realized... Yes, I know those people. I love those people. And, thanks to Julius Thompson and his book, 'A Brownstone In Brooklyn,' you'll find yourself knowing and loving them, too.

A Brownstone In Brooklyn   
Atlanta, GA
       This book gave me another insight to a very difficult time in our history. Readers should enjoy the successes as well as the challenges of a young man during that period of time. I had difficulty putting the book down.

A Brownstone in Brooklyn   
The Rawsistaz Reviewers
       A Brownstone in Brooklyn chronicles a short but critical portion of the life of Andy Michael Pilgrim. Andy has grown up in a Brownstone on Gates Avenue in Brooklyn and all of its residents have contributed to his upbringing. However, this book takes place during a turbulent time in American history. The civil rights movement seems to be taking a more violent turn, and young men across the nation are being drafted to fight in the Vietnam War...

The lively cast of characters keep this novel fresh and entertaining while the plot keeps you on the edge of your seat. Thompson does a wonderful job highlighting how people's lives are influenced by the types of choices they make. He also highlights how much one person's actions can impact the lives of others in meaningful ways. The book started out a little slow, but gradually picked up momentum. I would have liked a bit more character development for Andy's character earlier in the book. In the early parts of the book I felt like I was reading about his day to day life without enough background to really care about his character, but by the end I felt like I knew him well. A Brownstone in Brooklyn is an enjoyable read that truly demonstrates that it takes a village to raise a child.

A Brownstone In Brooklyn   

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