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$100,000 Scholarship, The: Middle School Prep
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The Hill   
Heyward MacDonald
Charlottesville, VA.
       I love an author who can make history live for people. John Davis has done this with his brilliant account of the battle on Charlestown Peninusula on June 17th, 1775. His vivid writing of the heroism, determination, and in some cases, cowardice , of the colonial militias, and the hard life, sacrifice, and military precision of the regular British soldieris placed on the stage of the momentous events attending the formation of our nation. Read this book. It is exciting and informative history.

Dave Wilks
       Wayne Fujita explains how he was able to not only save enough money to pay for the most prestigious colleges, but how to motivate his own children to take part by earning savings and scholarships. This book is a blueprint for grooming your middle schooler to become a sought after student capable of paying for whatever education they can dream of. If you have a son>or daughter who you think has the potential to go to college and possesses even an inkling of desire and motivation, read this book. Mr. Fujita has amassed massive sums of money for his own children by combining scholarships with savings, both earned by his children through character building accomplishments. The plan is fairly simple. Start saving early and involve your children in the process. What I liked most about the plan is that it is not just about acquiring a certain amount of money for college. It is also about creating children with the desire, motivation, and work ethic to succeed in college and life. Mr. Fujita's book is a well-written manual for parents of kids who show a spark and have some ingrained talent. The core of the book is the College Prep Contract. It is a contract between the parent and the student that outlines the goals of the student and the rewards given by the parents when those goals are achieved. It promotes personal responsibility in the student while creating a structure to save money for college and achieve goals closely tied to college admission and scholarship requirements. Even if you are not looking for a plan to save for college, perhaps you have your own strategy, this book is a fantastic resource for advice on scholarships, financial aid, and college admissions. It is concise and intuitively organized. The advice is candid, useful, and most importantly, rooted in personal experience that produced results. I have a kid in middle school and I think the potential is there, but the motivation and internal drive seems limited to excelling at baseball, video games, and skateboarding. With this book, I plan on getting him more focused on preparing for college and life after school. I believe Wayne Fujita has created an excellent strategy to help parents of kids who seem to be on the college track and I look forward to making use of his advice.

W Fujita
Hawaii, USA
       "The $100,000 Scholarship" is inspirational!" - Jeanette Kinaka, past Moderator Hawaii Conference, United Church of Christ

Another Publisher's Comment   
W Fujita
California, USA
       "...ideas and presentation are professional and sound." - Jason Clymer, Altamira Press

Literary Agent Comment   
W Fujita
Hawaii, USA
       "The $100,000 Scholarship is a very useful, smart, and well executed concept, and I'm sure I will regret not having mastered its principles years ago." - comment made by Literary Agent Roger Jellinek, of Jellinek & Murray

Governor Proclamation   
W Fujita
State of Hawaii, USA
       Governor Linda Lingle proclaimed October 11, 2004, as "The $100,000 Scholarship Day" in Hawaii, and encouraged all residents to join in celebrating Wayne Y. Fujita's newly released publication, "The $100,000 Scholarship." The official Proclamation was signed at the Hawaii State Capital in the Executive Chambers on September 21, 2004.

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