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Certainty Is the Theory of Everything
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Please don't    Chris
       John is scientifically illiterate and unfortunately you will find no certainty here other than the certainty that you have just wasted your money. This is the consensus view of many real sientists who have spent hours on the BBC boards trying to teach John some basic physics. You may check my bona-fides out at where many real scientists are happy to talk

No    Chris
       Not sure why negative reviews are removed ? John is a nice guy but not a scientist and should stick to fields where he has knowledge. Don't waste money

WOW...thought provoking!   
       J.C. Keohane has spent hours of thought to give us another "theory" of what happened to create this mess we call life and earth! Interesting throughout and although confusing at times, it has you re-reading it to try to understand a more intellectual approach to the question of how it all began! read it, re-read it and wonder if J.C. may have some answers that the rest of us have not tought of! My 14 year old loves this book and it is well worth the read! J. David Jamesson

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