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1225 Mistletoe Lane
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1225 Mistletoe Lane   
       What happens when someone makes you an offer that you sometimes cannot resist? For Jim Carrelli, a schoolteacher, who calls things the way he sees them, it is his next door neighbor that lends a helping hand, or rather a magic potion. Of course Jim had no idea he was being drugged by a simple breath mint and when he loses consciousness, he awakes to find himself in the year 1963 trying to change a course in history that could help a disabled widow live the life she was meant to. Of course reverting back to the year 1963 and having his mind concentrating on the present year may not sit well with people of the past who have never heard of any of the television shows or music or any events that Jim speaks of. And when a new love and friendship enter his life, he has a lot of explaining to do without sounding like a cuckoo nut case. 1225 Mistletoe Lane is an enchanting read. Jim is a character that shows a wide range of expressions throughout the story and the people he meets along the way are quite colorful. His desire to help Molly, who is not only mentally challenged but a disabled widow, with a damaged arm, is quite commendable. His journey into the past is not only full of wit but also the been there, done that already scenario. I enjoyed how Galen sought to take Jim on a sentimental adventure, so to speak, to understand the concept of narcissism and to invest in putting oneself in another’s shoes. Lenny Castellaneta crafts a fascinating tale of change and forgiving in this warm-hearted read. It is a story on learning to trust again after the heart has been broken and sometimes misled. Often we have to look past that beam in our eye to see past the speck in another’s to make changes that will bring on a better future for everyone. This captivating read leaves that feel good feeling where it only takes one to make a difference with a caring and loving heart. Take a nostalgic journey that will bring a smile to the face and song in the heart. You don’t have to wait until Christmas to open this delightful gift, it’s already here.

1225 Mistletoe Lane by Lenny Castellaneta   
Sime Gen Reviews
       1225 Mistletoe Lane is not your typical modern-day Yuletide story. Instead there is another objective in back of this plot. It seems it is a love-your-neighbor type of thing. In a way it's like two stories in one. Combining parts of "It's a Wonderful Life," and "Back To the Future," together, except this story takes on a new twist that will pull the reader even further into the uncertainty.

Jim, who doesn't believe in time travel until he is visited by Galen, who asks Jim if he could go back in time to help someone, would he do so? Jim finally agrees but yet thinks it is impossible. Then Galen gives Jim some sort of pill and tells him to put it in his mouth and wait there. After a few moments Jim passes out.

Unexpectedly, Jim awakens in 1963. At first he thinks he is dreaming. Once he realizes he has gone back in time, will he remember why he is there and learn selflessness? Or will his selfish ways cause more problems?

Jim, a high school teacher, has never really had a deep devotion. While he is in 1963, he finds what he thinks to be the love of his life. Will he learn her trust and get to stay with her in 1963? Or will he suffer the loss of her because of his selfish ways? All of these questions will be answered for you, the reader, once you go back to 1963 with Jim Carrelli.

The author's exploration into the 1950s and 1960s was done excellently. The story takes on an unhappy endeavor toward the closing, though. Which is a skillful surprise for the reader and may cause the shedding of a few tears.

1225 Mistletoe Lane   
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1225 Mistletoe Lane   
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Great Read   
       Jim Carrelli is a thirty-something bachelor who has no wife or girlfriend, no life to speak of, and no prospects for attaining the “American Dream.” He bemoans his unhappiness to a quirky old, but mysterious neighbor named Galen, and then the fun begins. Jim’s life changes drastically as it takes a magical twist that leads to numerous surprises and an ending befitting the fuzzy-warm feeling that the holidays offer. If you enjoyed the classic film “It’s A Wonderful Life,” you’ll certainly take pleasure in reading 1225 Mistletoe Lane by Lenny Castellaneta. His writing style brings the book’s characters to life and contains a myriad of analogies pertaining to people that have been famous on television or film. So if you are a TV or movie aficionado, you’ll truly fancy this story even more. Conclusion: Great Read Reviewer: Gene Berger, MUSE Reviews

A Holiday Treat - The Bay News, Dec. 21, 2005   
Los Osos, CA
       "Castellaneta takes the reader on a memory trip back in time... male or female, senior or teenager, married or hope-to-be someday will enjoy this 'candy-cane' story-line... a fun read you probably won't put down until you've finished with a smile."

1225 Mistletoe Lane   
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Euro Reviews: Women's Fiction Reviews - August 2005   
       "You don’t have to believe in time travel to like this story... enjoyable... lots of humor. 1225 Mistletoe Lane is a wonderful story, filled with humor and sentiment, about caring for other people. I’m sure you will love it."

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