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A Poem About PublishAmerica:

In the classic, "Still Waters" the Four Tops sing,
To me about happiness and joy others will bring,
The line, "If I don't click my glass and say a toast,"
Goes to Publish America when I needed them most.

Allowing writers to live what was once a distant dream,
Reality's no longer as far away as it would forever seem,
Countless amounts in dollars, they advise in common sense,
Add these two together the total being at their own expense.

Yes, it's not only monetary but plenty of sound advice,
And that's forever not just happenstance once or twice,
A publishing company who not only works with but for,
Greetings with a smile to all when knocking on the door.

For more information go online & check out the web page,
Whether bookmarks or your favorites be sure to hit saved,
Authors with easy names from A to the more difficult Z,
Books on everything from gardening to the likes of poetry.

Titles are in the thousands while genres are good and plenty,
With original process of thought as the ideas flow from many,
Self-help, instructional, comedy, drama, education, history,
Fiction, sports, family, health and many more like mystery.

Dealing with some publishing houses can be a book of grief,
Your experience with Publish America is a welcomed relief,
From manuscript submission to the final draft actually in print,
Seeking an agreement in principle? Well, hope you take the hint.

From Katie and the hard working crew in the department of text,
Denise and the entire support team who will tell you what's next,
Not enough accolades to cover the genius of those in cover design,
There isn't a more sincere Publishing House in the industry to find.

By Luke Easter, PA author

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