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Royalties Questions

   Frequently Asked Royalty Statement Questions

Why aren't books sold last month on my statement?
All books bought directly from PublishAmerica are included in this statement; books sold through vendors, including Amazon, may not yet be included. PublishAmerica pays royalties on sales proceeds that it has received. Vendors, however, have up to 90 days or longer to pay PublishAmerica. Thus, PublishAmerica may not have received payments yet for books sold by some retailers and online vendors. PA will include royalties for those sales on the next royalty statement.

Are ebook sales included?
Yes. Just as with physical books, if your book had any ebook sales that PublishAmerica has received payment for, those sales are included in this statement.

What is the sales price?
This is the net amount that PublishAmerica received for your book; your royalty is based on this amount, per your contract.

What are "returned books"?
PublishAmerica allows books to be returned in certain circumstances. Royalties for those books have been accounted for (and in some cases paid) in this or a previous statement. Because the returned books were in fact not sold after all, we have refunded all monies received for those books to the purchaser. Furthermore, we have debited your account to the extent any royalties were accounted for and/or paid with respect to the sales of those returned books. Debits show up on your statement as a subtraction, with a minus sign.

What are my royalty cut-off months?
January and July, typically the last week. We forward our semi-annual statements at the end of February and August.

Where are the royalties on copies of my own book that I bought?
Authors are not paid royalties on books that they purchase themselves, per your contract, unless they were purchased when we ran a special promotion that indicated otherwise.

When does my royalty check expire?
Checks expire after ninety (90) days. After that, the royalty account is closed, and the check cannot be cashed. We do not replace un-cashed checks.

Why are there different sales prices?
Virtually all books are sold at various discounts off the retail price; the discount determines the sales price. If your book has been sold through U.K. wholesalers who serve Britain and the European continent, you may occasionally see unusual discounts, caused by shifting exchange rates between the US dollar and the UK sterling. Additionally, your book may have been sold in different formats, if applicable: ebook, hardcover, paperback, price edition, etc.

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