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Thank you for being one of the many thousands of registered authors who regularly use our message board.PublishAmerica is enjoying an unprecedented period of growth and popularity. Consequently, we've outgrown our message board and are in the process of migrating to more robust message board software that can handle more users.

Current users of the private board are already registered for the new public board. Users who have been using only the public board will need to register on the new board. Soon we will turn off the ability to create new threads on the current public board, so we encourage you to create your new threads on the new board.

The old public board will remain public and accessible, but will soon be made read only.The new public board will be publicly viewable by all, but the ability to post will, as always, be restricted to those PublishAmerica authors who register.Again, we encourage you to create any new threads on the new board.

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Writing Discussion - General 2341 5/19/2005 15:40:10 Opened
Author's Lounge 9262 5/22/2005 20:32:46 Closed
Original Author Message Board 12080 5/20/2005 06:27:49 Closed
New Author Arrivals 3298 5/20/2005 06:26:53 Closed
Review Announcements 866 5/12/2005 22:18:20 Closed
Book Signings, etc. 459 5/22/2005 22:43:25 Closed
Writing Discussion - Spiritual 1432 5/19/2005 11:38:09 Closed

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