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Working With Publish America

" I am definitely a fan of Publish America... I write because I breathe and have numerous novels on the market thanks to them. I love their staff, the design team, the pre-product team, advancement opportunities, press releases, and the fact that it hits Amazon and B&N in a timely manner. I've heard all the negative press about PA but have my own responses: #1, make sure your book is absolutely 100% perfect before you hit the send button, #2 be willing to do some shameless self promotion and legwork, and #3 ALWAYS have your books in the car (in a waterproof container, and in excellent condition) to sell on the spot. They work for you and I suspect, they love their jobs. Color me happy. "
Rose Sefton, MSW   
" Merlyn's Daughter "

" My parents had tried since I was 15 to publish one of my books, but all I got was rejection letters if any response at all. I had actually given up my dream of being published until I read about how my favorite author, who has now won several Hugo and Nebula awards, had struggled to get published. I decided to give it one more full-hearted try, that was when I found PA. Unlike other companies, they did not treat me as an idiot just because of my age, but instead bent over backwards it seemed to help me. After submitting my manuscript they got back to me within hours! I was almost in tears when I first saw my acceptance email, and then actually did cry when I saw my cover for the first time. All the people at PA deserve to be commended for all their hard work, and I personally want to hug them and thank them for making my dream come true. PA has been like my personal Disney! "
Kourtney Smith   
" The Adventure of Stanley the Staple "

" My experience working with Publish America as a new author has been very good. My first children's book that they published was: Tiny Teacup and Pot Belly Pig. My second book that they published a sequel to my first is: Tiny Teacup and Pot Belly Pig Go to Africa to Meet the Great Lion. Publish America is a reliable publisher. They care about each author and do a great job with illustrating the children's books that I sent in. I have great respect for this company. They bring your book to life, and your many experiences that got your muse going, and your talent to make it all happen! Kudos to Publish America for all they do for new authors. "
Wanda Fay Messimer   
" Tiny Teacup and Pot Belly Go to Africa to Meet the Great Lion "

" This is a fine book publishing company. They were always real easy to work with, answering any questions I had, and helping me out along the many steps of publishing my first children's book. Thank you Publish America! "
Justine Price   
" The Dreams Of A Puppy "

" I have nothing but the highest regard for PA and the work and sacrifices you are making to accommodate us. "
Helen Byoune   
" The Stacked Deck Theory "

" I found that working with PublishAmerica was awesome. My first book, The Ravaged Boy, had me scared at first, but PublishAmerica walked me through it. Thank God I found them. "
Desmond Wise   
" The Ravaged Boy "

" I have had multiple books published with PA, and I am grateful. When you have a story to tell, but no venue in which to tell them, it is frustrating. When you see your manuscripts yellowing and collecting dust in drawers, it is disheartening. PA has not only published my books,they are beautifully and professionally done, but it doesn't stop there. PA has the connections in which to promote my books. Some friends say that I am still paying out of pocket, but I have gone the self-published route and I could never afford their offers. PA makes their offers affordable, reasonable and practical. I can take advantage of these offers when and/or if I wish. Thank you, PA, for making an "
Pamela M. McGee   
" The Keri Series "

" I am currently working with Michael on getting contracts for three of my books. I am so excited to have this opportunity to become a published author. I have been writing since I was thirteen years of age. I pour my heart and soul into my writing... I am a fan of PA on facebook. I read your letter that was posted today. Loved it. I look forward to reading more of your letters as I am also looking forward to meeting you one day at a book convention. Thank you for helping co find this company. If you hadn't, I don't know how I would get my books published and in the hands of readers everywhere. "
Talina L. Collier   
" Jacob and the Turtle Race "

" Brian Winfrey is an amazing asset to the company. His vision is clear, concise and he is a wonderful troubleshooter. He is one reason why I did not totally jump ship early into the publishing process due to adverse publicity on line. I do admire him, his logic and his ability to get things done. Since we are west coast it is difficult to connect unless someone comes west to display books. But, he is great on the phone! I am now working on a mystery about Iceland so I will enjoy feedback from him when it is finished! "
Aileen Nowatzki   
" Peril on Ponza "

" I am an extremely satisfied PublishAmerica author. All the members of the PublishAmerica staff with whom I have had contact have treated me well. Their assistance has been greatly appreciated. "
Richard Schliewen   
" Paulina's Teddy Bear Journey "
 Search Results: Showing 1 to 10 of 1018