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" Being the CEO, Mr. Meiners could use his bully pulpit to say pretty much anything, so when he started sending opinion pieces to members of the PublishAmerica family, I was skeptical.

I now look forward to them because they are thoughtful, well presented opinions that sometimes challenge but usually inform us about things to which we might not otherwise be exposed. "
Ed Fender   
" Infinite River "

" I read a lot of bad stuff about PA and it can be easy to be carried along with it all. I need to speak up in their defense. PA have now published two of my books and I am very happy with them both. The single most important thing for me is to see my books in print. My aduience is a very niche market, 'Alcoholism', so I never expected to sell thousands or even hundreds of copies. But the ones I have sold have been extraordinarily well received and some great reviews have been written. This is extremely gratifying and would not have happened without PA. So I offer a simple thank you to all of you at PA. "
John T. Newton   
" Roaring Drunk "

" I would like to say that from the moment I have worked with Publish America they been there for me every step of the way. Once my manuscript was submitted it seemed like no time and my book was in print. I was and still amazed with the speed and diligence they give to their authors. I’m proud to say that I’m a Publish America Author. "
Page Anne Ducheneaux   
" Beautiful Muscle "

" I am just amazed on how well my book is doing, and how it is selling online through several of online bookstores. "
Stepheny Kennison   
" A Life Without Christ "

" Waiting to see my book through PublishAmerica. My 15 year journey through the tunnel cancer pulls you into in writing. I am now in pre publication. Cannot wait to see the finished product. "
janice( conboy) oehl   
" Through the Cancer Tunnel "

" Thank You PublishAmerica. I have just received a complimentary copy of my book and it is BEAUTIFUL.You will continue to soar higher and higher "
Israel Tyav Ajons   
" A Heart That Bleeds "

" Thanks again for the opportunities being published by P.A. has afforded me. "
G.L. Giles   
" A Wild and Wonderful Walk "

" It is very re-assuring to know that the Publisher is considerate of the range of authors. Publish America published my first book in December 2011 and I am in the process of signing for the second one... I have every confidence of our success. Thank you again for your consideration of all authors. "
Lisa (LA) Lachapelle   
" Small Tales and Visits to Heaven "

" I have published seven books at your company... I have been very happy with your company... I just want to say thanks, and that I have recommend your companies to others... "
Cheri LePage   
" Kiera's Catch-22 "

" I am a PublishAmerica author. You have published two of my books and I think you did wonderfully by me. I am an Irish lady but am currently living in the UK. My husband... is very proud of me and very grateful to PA. "
Aine Harte-Kelly   
" The House Where No Bird Sings "
 Search Results: Showing 1 to 10 of 1789