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Awards and Accomplishments

" I have started a Foundation to help Caregivers, My Time to Care Foundation, Inc., to help caregivers due to the publication of my book by PublishAmerica. I appreciate all that Publish America has done to publish my book, the beautiful cover by the PA artist so beautifully illustrates my book. Thank you Publish America. "
Barbara Winters   
" My Time to Care "

" in September, I will have an appointment with the corporate buyer of a big aquarium! …Jay and I were both interviewed by our newspaper today. I will send you the article when it comes out! Jay would love to be a speaker at the convention in Atlanta about the importance and how to go about self promoting our books as authors. This would be based on our success and maybe help the others. Just let us know if you would be interested! "
Sandra Aldrich   
" Willie's Lesson "

" I am a 79-year-old Holocaust survivor... My book was accepted by the National Holocaust Museum in Washington and shelved in its research library. "
E. A. Vovsi   
" The Refugee "

" I just wanted to thank you for producing such a great book in Rovella Starr (A Love-Starved Bitch); and, "Let's Do Poetry." Readers from other countries called "Rovella" a classic! And, the Director of Sistaz N' Motion called me: "The Greatest Writer of our times!" The reviews for "Rovella" published by Publish America are all five-stars on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Thanks PA - I know you'll do the same great work with my new title: The Mad Sister. I have looked at other books on the market. And, honestly - Publish America books are a far more superior quality than others I have seen "on bookshelves." And, I cherish the fact that I have never seen a Publish America title marked down from 50% - 75% off. You have published all of my titles, and I can't think of having a more professional organization, birth my writing children! "
Carol Denise Mitchell   
" Rovella Starr "

" I am grateful indeed!For P.A. is the best.Many aspiring authors and established authors will miss out due to following the bad publicity that is aimed at P.A. I almost did until I contacted P.A. for my self and gave them a try.I have found this company to be awesome and a blessing! Mere words can not articulate my thanks! "
Sanford Shuman   
" Indelible Memoirs and Soul-Stirring Poems "

" Because of what you have done for me.. I read my poem infront of over 150 people at more then one program this year. Coming from one of my book (A Peculiar poet). That Publishamerica publish.. It really touch a lot lives.... That a lot of people want my book.. Thank you very much..Publishamerica.. I will be calling you.. "
Francenna Stewart   
" A Peculiar Poet "

" I am grateful to PublishAmerica for publishing three of my books. I belived in my work and so did PublishAmerica. I would encourage anyone who wants to get their manuscripts to the public for the first time to become a part of this publishing house. I thank you again and God Bless! "
Arthur Willmore Johnson   
" A Room Without A Door "

" I am very proud to say that my book is in the personal library of Mrs. Michelle Obama. I recieved a thank you letter from the first lady while on my job at the fort carson child developoment east center. I cannot express how proud I am to know that the first lady appreciates my work. I will hang up the letter in a frame so that all can see my accomplishment. Thank you publish america for giving me the chance to live my dream of becoming a published author. Sincerely Patricia Richardson "
patricia richardson   
" my mommy is a soldier "

" I think this book is great. It tells the truth about what the military did to my dad and our family. I love my dad, this book and think that he's brave to stand up and tell the truth on those that lied and almost killed him. I think everybody should buy this book, because it tells the truth about how many lies are told by the government, military, those who run this country and they never get told to the public until somebody like my dad stands up and tells the truth on them. Love ya' dad. "
Chloe Krokus   
" The Military on Trial: Malpractice "

" Before I mention a couple of items below, I just want to say that you "made Larry's day" when you published his books, particulary the Sydney Smith book. He was proud of all four of his published books and wanted to complete the fifth, but I think Sydney Smith was some sort of personal victory for him. I knew Larry for 33 years and was his boss the last 11 years he worked, but I cant' remember him being more excited then the day he gave me a complimentary copy of the Sydney Smith book. "
Lawrence P. Mannion   
" Sydney Smith: A Study of His Writings on Education "
 Search Results: Showing 1 to 10 of 44