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Publish America Company

A Unique and Traditional Publishing Company

PublishAmerica, a traditional advance and royalty paying book publisher, launches authors in the best tradition of old-fashioned quality publishing. The Maryland based publishing company is fundamentally opposed to issuing contracts that contain any publishing fees. PublishAmerica was founded on the premise that a book is worth publication if there are even the seeds of a market for it.
We are a book publisher who put our trust in the big league of unknown authors. They are the great creative force that have carried and lifted America's imagination into the new millennium. Our publishing company believes that writers are artists with a mission and a message. They knew who their readership would be while they were conceiving their book. They had and have a dream, and PublishAmerica is the company that provides the field where those dreams will grow and bear fruit, and where the people will come that the authors had in mind.
PublishAmerica's founders had a dream, too, back when they started the publishing company in 1999. They had been around in publishing for many years, and had seen, firsthand, the hardships involved with getting a publisher interested in an unknown author's book. They figured that they could, over time, maybe serve as many as a thousand new authors who, without them, would have no serious shot at getting their books published the traditional way: full availability to all bookstores, through the best possible distribution channels (Ingram, Baker&Taylor, etc), top quality books, first rate art design, individual author support and attention, and of course no publishing fees in the contract at any time.
The founders were right, even more so than they had thought. Now in its twelfth year of steady growth, PublishAmerica serves almost 50,000 (fifty thousand) authors. It specializes in books about, or by, people who face and overcome hardships and obstacles in life (both fictional and nonfictional), and who turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Among their list of titles there are many genuine gems of high literary quality, which has been recognized by professional reviewers in literally thousands of reviews.
Because PublishAmerica took full advantage of the latest printing technology before any other traditional publisher did, the company can print books in accordance with real demand.
PublishAmerica is headquartered at the crossroads of I-70 and I-270, just outside the Washington, DC and Baltimore metropolitan area.






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