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   Frequently asked Questions about the Author Questionnaire

I sent my manuscript to the Acquisitions Team. Must I send another copy?
Yes. We don't use the initial submission because most authors take a final opportunity to revise their manuscripts. We have found that it's easier and more efficient to ask for one final version of the manuscript.
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Do I need to send a hard copy of my manuscript?
No. We do almost everything on the computer, and we do not use the hard copies. Please submit only electronic copies, as outlined in your contract.
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How should the spacing and the margins be on my manuscript?
The spacing and margins may be left however you wish. The text production department will be changing them anyway as part of the formatting process.
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I'm not sure how to format my text files. What is the best way to format them?
We recommend that you save the files in rich text format (RTF).
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How do you save as an RTF?
Open your file. Go to "File" in the menu. Select "Save As". The dialogue box will open, at the bottom and you will see either "File Type" or "Save as Type" click on the arrow in that box. Look for "Rich Text Format" and select. Then save.
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Must I change the book’s title?
If we requested a title change from you during the acquisitions phase, we will need for you to provide us with several new potential titles. We understand that you may not wish to change your title; however, we find that most authors end up with a far more appropriate and marketable title than the original. We must have the title change before the book can enter the production process.
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Are the author pictures necessary?
No. You may elect to not have your picture on the back cover of the book.
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What are the specifications for pictures to go inside the book, and how do I send them to you?
Please keep in mind that only those books which were approved for graphics during the acquisitions phase will contain them. We cannot grant approval for pictures at this stage. All pictures will be used at our election and discretion.

In the text of the manuscript, please mark where your pictures are to go. For example: Pic 01 here, Pic 02 here. If you have a picture caption please place it in text under the number.
  • Scan pictures at 300 DPI
  • No larger than 4" wide x 7" high
  • Save as Photoshop, Tif, or Jpeg
  • Use name in the order they appear (pic 01, pic 02...)
  • If you have a caption, please place there as well:

    Example: (paragraph) Pic 01 Caption (paragraph)
We prefer that most everything be sent through email. But, if the picture is unclear we will ask that you send it through US mail. If you scan the picture in yourself follow these guidelines:
  • Scan at 300 dpi (resolution)
  • Save as a TIFF or JPEG
  • Name as Authors last name and pic1 (Smith pic1, Smith pic2…)
If you cannot scan the pictures, please label and mail them. Please do not send original or sole copies to us. Mail does occasionally get lost or damaged.

Please mark your pictures on the backs with pen or sticky note, and place a tissue, tissue paper, or plain paper between the copies. This will prevent the ink from bleeding onto the next photo.

Please do not paperclip the pictures, as this can cause damage in the mail.
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Do I have to send you back cover text?
Yes, but you may do this after you have answered your questionnaire. Not only will the text be used on the back cover of your book, but we will also be using it for other promotional items such as press releases and announcement letters. As the author of your book, you are our best source for such information. Also include a 50-word description of yourself, the author.
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What are the specifications for the back cover text?
The back cover text should be at least fifty words and no more than 200.
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How do you send attachments by email?
Before attempting to attach a document, first locate document’s location. Select to send a new message in your email program. You may attach a file to your message at any time. Go to "Message" in the menu (usually at the top of the screen). Select “Attach” from the drop down menu. In the dialogue box, select the location of where the file is saved and then select the file. The file will attach to the message and be ready to send.
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I already have another book with PublishAmerica, do I need to fill out the Author Questionnaire again?
Yes. We need a new Author Questionnaire with each book. There is certain information that will be unique to your new book, and it also allows us to insure we have your most up-to-date information.
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Do I have to fill out a W-8 form?
If you are not a resident of the United States, the IRS requires that we have a W-8 form on file for payment purposes. If you are a United States resident, you do not need to submit a W-8.
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Do I have to copyright my book? Won’t it slow down production? How do I register the copyright?
Under federal law, anything original is considered copyrighted the moment it is written. No application for copyright is necessary, period, and Par. 4 of your contract confirms that you do retain the copyright of your work rather than transferring it to the publisher. However, if an author wants to officially register the copyright, it is generally recommended that he/she submits the work for registration with the Library of Congress, though you are under no obligation to do so, either under the law, the contract, or otherwise. If a legal matter were to come up later, this would be one way to prove that the work is indeed your work. That is all there is to it.

As far as PublishAmerica is concerned, you do not need to register the copyright before your book goes to print, and not having the registration will in no way hinder the publication of your book.

The process of registering the copyright will have no impact on the production of your book.

Those who elect to officially register their book may find instructions for doing so here:
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I'm a Canadian resident, do I still fill out the US copyright form?
You may elect to register with the Canadian Office. Their website is
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Do you want a copy of my copyright registration?
Please send a copy (do not send the original) of the registration to:

Attn: AQ Dept.
PO Box 151
Frederick, MD 21705-0151

or fax to 301-631-9073.
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What happens after I have sent everything to you?
Once Pre-Production has received all items needed and insured that they are in the formats we need, your book will enter the production process and enter the Design Department.

A senior editor will evaluate the book for any legal concerns or if permissions are needed. We will contact you should there be any. All books will be assigned to a designer who will format the layout of the text according to industry standards. Once completed, the designer will create and format the cover image of your book. Both the text proofs and cover of your book will then be emailed to you. As outlined in the contract, you will have 48 hours to review your proofs to notify us of any publisher errors you find. Once your manuscript has cleared the review period, your manuscript will be final, and no more changes will be made.

Once the book review process has ended, your book will be sent to the printers and released to the industry. Approximately 6-8 weeks later, your book will be officially released to the industry.

This entire process can take as little as a few weeks, but most often, publication takes six to eight months.
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None of this answers my question, or you told me to contact you!
Please complete this form for problems or requests, and our staff will be happy to help you.

If you have a question that is not related to the Pre-Production Department or the Author Questionnaire, please visit the Support Questions and Answers page for assistance with your question.

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