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Welcome to PublishAmerica, Inc.
  Absolutely NO publishing fees, online or by mail.
  Royalties paid on all sales.
  There is only one standard contract for first time authors.
  Almost all types of manuscripts are readily accepted, in either PC, Mac, and all major formats, including Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, ASCII, PDF, html, zip, self-executing zip, text, DOS files, Claris, and AppleWorks!
  The author retains the copyright of the book.
  No literary agents are required, but we work with agent to honor all author-agent agreements.
  All books are available through most major bookstores, online, and through phone order.

PublishAmerica, Inc. pays no fees to agents when we accept their clients' works. We are not in the referral fee business at all. Whatever money you make on representing your clients is, and should be, based on the particular agreement that you have with them.

PublishAmerica, Inc. is not a subsidy publisher. We don't charge our authors a single penny in their contracts, ever, because we consider that unnecessary and unfair in today's publishing environment.

PublishAmerica, Inc. pays royalties to our authors, on each and every copy of their book that we sell. Since we pay agented authors through their agents, you will be able to collect whatever commission you have agreed on with your clients, two times per year.

Taking full advantage of both offset and digital printing technologies we are able to offer contracts to new authors who may not be able to sell thousands of copies of their books

All of our accepted authors are offered a standard contract. It includes the whole nine yards, from book design to cover art design to full availability to retailers. Our books are being sold through all the typical venues, from major retailers to our own online store.

Working with agents, like yourself, we can make many more authors' dreams come true. Following the old adage, "You cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening your own," this will benefit your own business as well. Please contact us so we can begin to review some of your author's manuscripts.

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