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Pady, Carol A.: The Lands of Nod: Book One -

Pallotta, Gail: Now is the Time -

Palmer, Ann: Letters to the Dead: Things I Wish I'd Said -

Palmer, Ed: Extween of Between -

Palmer, Gary L.: Chagrin Falls -

Palmer, Pamela Lynn: Horse of the Dawn -

Pangalos, Carol B.: Yvonne and Carol: Bloodsisters Forever -

Pannett, Linda: Silent Killers -

Panczyk, Jonathan: Matthew Texas in: The Search for the Four Nails -

Paradiso, Gerry: The Job Factor -

Parisi, Sal: The Matrix of Existence: What Is Real? -

Parker, Henri M.: Whatever You're Going Through -

Parker, Larry: Assumptions About Faith And Tradition -

Parker, Selby: Scopophilia and The Camel Boy -

Parks, Sacha: 'Cause It Feels Right -

Pascali, Bill: The Ghost of Rock & Roll -

Parsons, Carol: Advent Phoenix -

Parsons, Caroline Renee: The Coffins in the Basement -

Paton, Peter: Sweet Reassurances: A Poetry Collection and The Warlord and the Pagan Girl -

Patrick, Anne: Every Skull Tells a Story -

Patterson, Barbara A.: The Sweetest Angel -

Patterson, Patricia: Uncertain Choices -

Pattison, Peggy: At First You Cry....and Then You Fly!: Thriving After Downsizing -

Patton, Donald Ray: The Door to My Soul -

Paul, James G. D.: The Drummer in Me and Behcet's in Black -

Pavey, Stephen: Free Rollin' and Pursuit of Grace: Aboard the Empress of Ireland -

Payton, Nicole: Dragon Savior -

Payton, Rahssan Damon: The Appetitive Soul -

Peakcock, Jackye: Maria's Map and Colorado Chaos -

Pearl, Isaacs: I’m From Jersey -

Pearson, Anthony A.M.: Why I Am a Counselor -

Pearson, Betty Jean: Learn with LaDee: A Service Dog -

Peck, Paul H.: Journey of an Ordinary Karateka and Journey of an Ordinary Karate-ka - Redux -

Pedersen, Bee: The Forty Fitters -

Pedone, Evan: Expedition Everest and Assassin's Mace -

Pell, S. Bradley: The Works of S. Bradley Pell—2007: AnderphonekroN, CraXzeS, Rules for Calling Shotgun I, and Poems 333 -

Pelon, Marcia: The Language of Trust -

Pennington, K. D.: Android: Book One in the Star Family Series -

Penven, Don: Surrogate Warrior -

Perea, Ronn: Smiles, Giggles & Laughs -

Perkes, Sid: Lettie and Silent Passing -

Perkins, Jacqueline: Are You the One? and Cotton Builds Character  -

Perkins, Victoria: Three, Two, One and The Last Summer -

Pernell, G. Daniel: Wasteland 2045 AD: How the West Was Lost and Cardinal Culpability -

Perricone, John: Zen and the Art of Public School Teaching -

Perry, John: The Whispering Prairie and A Time for the Crawfish and The Winter Moon -

Perry, Kathryn Neff: Boone's Creek: Almost Home -

Perry, Kenneth D.: The Lorde's Way: The Drama Never Ends… and Lorde Baptist: Get Ready to Meet the First Family of Drama: A Novel -

Perry, Tristan: Furry Tails: The Adventures of Cinnamon Persimmon -

Pesola, Michael A.: Tales from the Job Site: A Frustrated Contractor Confesses -

Peterman, D J: Kingdom of God in the Heart and Journey to the Father's House -

Peterman, Janelle: Dawning of a New Day In Poetry -

Petersen, HJ: The Other Me -

Petershagen, Ragnhild: Love in a Poem -

Peterson, B. J.: In Perry 3 - Peterson, Cody: Criminal Intent: The Becoming -

Peterson, Tyson: Criminal Intent: The Becoming -

Petit, Lyn: The Philosophy of a Thought -

Petit, Marianne: The Glass Armonica -

Petrides-Scott, Elaine M.: Mothers of Sons—Sons of Bitches -

Petterson, Adrienne: The Obviousness of It All: A Guide to Common Sense: Develop Your Common Sense to Make Better Life Decisions, Ease the Burden of Cooking, and Live a Better Life -

Pettingell, Patricia D.: Island Fury -

Peyton, Daniel: The Jalan Chronicles: The Eyes of Amaterasu -

Pharris, Darlene: Learning to Soar Above the Storms -

Philip, Joe S.: God and Man in Perfect Union: God's Plan for Man's Perfection -

Phillips, Hope Ann: Hoover’s Day Out -

Phinney, Jack: Dominica -

Phoenix, Marc: Tashar: City of Mystery (Book 1) -

Piccirillo, Tony: Thrasher -

Pienaar, Rhona F: The Echoes of a Whisper -

Pierce, Connie: I Can't Remember the Name of This Book -

Pierce, Matthew Alan: The Dark Curse of Whispers -

Pierrot, Shelby Marie: Unintended Consequences: The Third Gender -

Pike, Gregory: So Help Me God -

Pilkey, John: Kingship at Its Source -

Pinckard, James R.: A Country Boy's Stories and Poems -

Pinkerton, JC: The Templar Knight, Book One and The Templar Knight, Book Two -

Pino-Robles, Ricardo: Steel and Kindness: Real Life Stories of an Urban Nomad -

Pisano, Thomas Emmon: The Giant Rat of Sumatra and Big Crimes, Small Miracles: Evil Is as Evil Does and Rising Blood-Red Moon: A Collection of Poems and No Murder too Small -

Pitre, Terra Ann: Isla's Redemption and Moonstone -

Plassay, Ida: Love of a Lifetime and Abandoned Love -

Plotkin, Andy: The Red Sox and the Devil's Handmaiden -

Plumsteel, Ken: The Slingshot Saga -

Pobanz, Patty: Everlasting Peace in Your Life . . . God's Reminders to the World -

Poessel, Louis: Tales of the Paranormal -

Poh, Michael Kwamena: Songs of the Ghosts -

Polanco, Gil: For Reals!:Observations by a Brown Guy - &

Poland, Tim: Escapee -

Pollard, Andrew: Guilty Of Livin' -

Pollick, Kathy: From Rainshowers to Rainbows and A Man of Excellence and A Woman of Grace & Excellence -

Poole, Diamond Catherine Cheyenne: Leslie the Old Hag Who Collected Souls -

Porras, Laura M.: Alias "The Rose" -

Porter, Anjeanette: Brandon McKenzie: The Protector -

Porter, Cassyashton: Colin's Eagle and In Friends We Trust: Book 2 of the Friendship Series -

Porter, Judith: Coco Twain Tells the Truth -

Porter, Marrita A.: My Meat: The Weight-Loss Plan of Salvation: how to lose your weight by feeding your soul. -

Posey-Arnold, Angela: The Nightingale Protocol -

Potter, Brandy: Venomous Lives -

Potter, Steve: Thoughts from a Southpaw -

Potter, Theodore: The Shipleys -

Poulos, G.W.: Shadows of the Road and Sleepover Scares: Volume I -

Powell, Norrin J.: The Genesis of Chthon -

Power, Max M.: Trials of Life and The Story Teller: A Roller Coaster for Your Mind -

Powers, Gloria Jean: Love Always: Glory's Way -

Powers, Julianne Marie: The Truly Grain-Free Cookbook: Beet and Cane Sugar Free Too! -

Prather, Jack Joseph: SPEAKING UP in Poetry & Prose and The Day of the Knights: …A modern epic tale pitting the evil of a homophobic religious-fanatic serial killer against the good of a noble inner city American and hero of 9/ll. -

Pratt, Budd: Where Jesus Flang It: An Ozarkian's World -

Pratt, Dave: Buried in the Records -

Preece, Mary Ellen Goble: In This Valley I Grew: Life on Blacklog and Happy Hollow -

Prescott, Nikki: Stonesthrow -

Prescott-Ezickson, Robert: The Day Jesus Returns -

Presley, D.C.: Caster Stratus & The Ten Legends -

Price, Deborah: The Adventures of Poppy and Tyger -

Price, Faye: A Stranger in the Darkness -

Pride, Dana: All These Things -

Primm, J.R.: Riley Bennett in The Empty Shotgun -

Prister, Louise: From Jerusalem to Jerusalem -

Pritula, Angela: The Gleaning Time: Arc One – In the Beginning -

Proctor, Loretta: The Long Shadow -

Pruha, Joan Elizabeth: Calico Cats -

Psanis, Maria: Afraid of Love -

Pulli, Mike: Right Place at the Right Time: So You Think You Can Beat the Slots -

Puttmann, Ben: Being Moore: My Life In Professional Wrestling -

Pye, Jacques R.: The Alliance Chronicles: The Tellerand Encounter -

Queen, Rocket: An Anarchist's Garden Of Verse    -

Quick, Debra: Life's Second Chances -

Quigley, Mary: By Fools Like Me: Heart Songs In Verse and Indelible Ink: A Memoir -


Raby, Tamika E.: Backwaters -

Raccioppi, Rose Marie: The Wind and the Willow -

Rachman, Paul: The Potato Peeler -

Radez, Robert: On the Fringe of the Real World -

Rafool, Gordon J. M.D.: Communicating for Care: How to Form a Successful Team with the Alzheimer's Patient, Caregiver, and Doctor -

Rahman, Mojibur: Blush of the Rainbow -

Rain, Electra: Broken Angels -

Rains, Sandra: Alien Prey: The Coming, Devil Dog: (Still Paying the Price), Evil as They Come: (The Risen), My Soul to Keep: (Something Evil), Son of Perdition: (Revelations Foretold): ~Book One~, and Thirst for Christ -

Ralls, Ken: McKays Island: The Beginning -

Ramcharan, Shail Kamini: Leather and Red-Wine Roses -

Ramirez, Iz: Bob the Lizard -

Ramirez, Kenneth: Gift of the Ancient Grove: Book One of The Naida’s Quest Trilogy and Beyond the Red Mountains: Book Two of the Naida's Quest Trilogy and The Hidden Forest: Book Three of the Naida's Quest Trilogy -

Randall, Jack: The Synthetic Race and The Shepherds of Earth and Delivery from Terror -

Randles, Reginald A.: Practice! Practice! Practice!: 'Til It Rolls off Your Tongue Like Your Mother's First Name -

Randolph, D. H.: The Razor's Edge -

Rapini, Mary Jo: Is God Pink?: Dying to Heal -

Rappaport, Marsha Stephens Wilson: The Secret Life of a Black Trophy Wife: A Cultural Autobiography -

Ravert, Melody: Shadow of Death and Avenging Sword: Book Two of the Shadow Stalker Series -

Ray, Charles: Things I Learned from My Grandmother About Leadership and Life: (How to Light a Fire Under People Without Burning Them Out) and The Knowledge Book: How to Be, Do, Have, and Give -

Ray, James F.: Full Threat -

Ray, Renea: Sexuality Undecided: a fictional tale at the height of eroticism -

Raye, Lisa: This Color is Red -

Rayn: Treacherous -

Ryan, E.B.: A Touch of Fae - and

Readdie, Stephen: Lighting the Way -

Reed, Judith: Deadly Shamrocks -

Reese, Barry: The Conquerors of Shadow: The Adventures of Eobard Grace -

Rehman, Zia: Car Grease for the Camel - Reich, Col. Joseph, Ret.: Blackbird Resurrection: A Novel Based on the Reactivation of the SR-71, 1994–1998 -

Reid, Violette: Violette Ardor: A Volume of Poetry - Reiter, Lora K.: One Was Annie and Animals Galore and Love Unconditional: Essays (Glad, Sad and Mad) About Creatures Who Share the Earth and Teaching Fences -

Renia, Aretha: Love for Kenya -

Renner, Rose Anita: Poems of the Messenger -

Renquist, Mike: Facing the Mirror -

Repose, Deanna: Lost Loves...Found Strength -

Repp, R. P.: The Snake Charmer -

Ress, Patricia C.: The Letters from Inverness Terrace and Beyond Earthly Knowledge: The Time and Interdimensional Travel Revelations of Rick Lipani as Told to and Written by Patricia Griffin Ress -

Reymolds, Douglas: Moon Beam Walking: Dream Space Books -

Reynolds, Greg: Why She Cheated, and It's Your Fault -

Reynolds, Nathan: A Lingering Shade of Black -

Rhodes, E. L.: A Flaming Rose -

Rhodes, Matthew: Chronicles of Africa -

Riccio, Dolores Stewart: Spirit -

Rice, Karne: Crain and True Simple Poems of Life, Faith and Survival -

Rich, Sid: Manila Gold: Tales of the USS Trout and the War in the Pacific in World War II and Picking Up The Pieces: A Love Story and Two Tigers From Texas: Tales of the American Volunteer Group in World Wear II and Standing on the Promises and Men in War and Willie John Mahoney: A Tale of the Irish, the Italians, the Mafia and War in the Pacific and Chance Meeting: A Story of Life and Love -

Richards, David George: The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning Of The End and The Friendly Ambassador: A Gathering of Angels -

Richards, Jane: Tombs, Temples, and Thrones -

Richards, Olivia: Chao! Haven -

Richerson, Sheri Ann: Perspective Visions: Enigmatic Masterpieces -

Richter, Corie: God Has a Sense of Humor -

Rickett, Tammy: Journey to the Rainbow -

Ricks, M. Ann: The Son -

Ridner, Melanie Marie Shifflet: Where Roses Fall and The Dumontes: The London Series -

Rigate, Barry: Written in Blood, Carved in Stone -

Rigney, Donna: The Mysteries of Heaven and Hell Revealed -

Riley, Christopher: When Conscience Speaks -

Riley, Jane: Solomon's Porch: The Story of Ben and Rose -

Riley, Leah Bassinger: Spread the Peanut Butter THIN! and As in the Days of Noah: The UFO Phenomenon Exposed -

Riley, Michaela: Embittered Justice -

Rimland, Jeff: A Widower's Journey: A Life of Loss and Love and Our Gift to Each Other: Heartfelt Poems of Our Love -

Rincon, Mary: Forces of Doom Will Be Forgotten -

Rineer, Brian: Dim Hope Bomock's -

Rinehart, Karen: Invisible Underwear, Bus Stop Mommies and Other Things True To Life -

Rish, Buck, MD: The Last Mule in Sunrise and Two for Twenty -

Rislove, John: Human Services: Elimination of Evil -

Ritchson, Canie: Shattered to Succeed -

Ritter, George P.: Due Process Denied: Why the Fourteenth Amendment Never Became Part of the Constitution -

Ritter, Tim: The Hammer Will Fall and Unreel -

Rivest, Christine Anne: Eras: The Book of Ruins, Eras of a Knight and Eras of Husband and Father -!home/mainPage

Road, Charter: Sting of the Seer -

Robar, James B.: When Conditions Are Right and Forgiveness Frees the Forgiver -

Robbins, Papa Blues: The Emancipation Posse: The First Three Years and Papa Blues Scrapbook, Vol. 2 -

Robinson, Marquita: Teddy's Bear -

Roberts, B. H.: The Earth Manifesto -

Roberts, Gary M.: The Male Factor -

Roberts, Jerry: My First Forty Years: A Soldier's Story -

Roberts, Sharon Kay: Honey, A Pony's Story -

Robinson, John L.: When the Wheels Fall Off: The Metamorphosis of A New Age Man -

Robinson, Shannon: The Adventures of Katie Koala: Oops! My Momma Is Lost! -

Robinson, Virginia: The Squid Kids -

Rocheleau, Nicole: Ollie Ollie in Come Free! and Ryan, Me, and the Mysterious Book -

Rockwell, Lenny M.: The Wand of Aethexaine -

Rodriguez, A: Fatal Nightmares -

Rodriguez, AJ: Theodore Da Baer and Theodore Da Baer II: A New Beginning and Theodore Da Baer III: Wizards and Other Tales -

Roe, D.J.: The Impossible Dream and The Road to State -

Roeber, "Barefoot Rick": The Bare Soul: Reflections, Ruminations and Recollections of God's Holy Word, Volume I and The Bare Soul: Reflections on Holiness, Volume II -

Roberts, Norah: Final Reunion -

Rogers, Gil: Rachel and Dolphin Cove -

Rogers, Ivan: My Life's Impressions -

Rogers, Robin R.: Rock Bottom: The Life History of Robert Lee Douthitt, III -

Rohloff, Robert: Mountain Blossom and The Circle of Death -

Rolfe-Nunes, Ana: Elves of Two Lands: Hope Within Heart -

Rollins, Anne D.: Death in a Garden of Icicles: A 1950's New York Murder Mystery -

Rollins, David A.: Rachel and Amy's Home -

Romagnoli, Lisa Marie: Memories of Me -

Rondinone, Craig: Ten Tales to Make Your Head Explode -

Roper, Jim: Quoth the Raven -

Rosas, Beverly: The Hand that Scared Jenny -

Rose, Amanda: Bloody Dawn -

Rose, Sharon: Missed, by a Hair and Who Needs Enemies?: A Beryl Swallows Mystery -

Roseberry, Dinah: Sweet Victory -

Rosenberg, David S.: No Shortage of Evil and Infusion of Evil -

Rosenthal, Michele: The Frog and The Tadpole's Great Swamp Adventure -

Rosenthal, S.L.: Childology: Are You Ready for the Truth? -

Roshwald, Mordecai: The Half-Truths by Which We Live -

Rosina, Christala: Watercolor Essences of Moon -

Ross, Barbara E.: AMortal Indiscretion Volumes One and Two -

Ross, Chesley: Ginger the Gentle Giant -

Ross, L. Woodrow: Fly Rods, Good Dogs and Straight-Shooting Guns -

Rossano, Rachel: The Crown of Anavrea  -

Rowan-Bennett, S. Julylah: Living, Loving, & Losing: A Family Reflection -

Rowe, Patricia H.: Louisiana Love and Our Roller Coaster Ride -

Roze, Brenda: Kavàh: When Two Worlds Merge -

Ruffino, Cindy Lou: Out of the Texas Mist -

Ruminer, Cliff: Blazing Bellyboats and Other Outdoor Mis-Adventures and There's a Naked Fisherman in My Tutu -

Rush, Charles W.: One Turn of the Cards and The Devil's Chessboard -

Russ, Randell: What If Noah Were an Engineer? -

Russell, Jack: Symbols Unveiled -

Russell, Mark: Tentatively Yours -

Russell, P.M.: The Wormhole Adventures: Travel Is Relative -

Ryan, Henry Butterfield: Impure Thoughts, Four Novellas -

Ryeland, Kenneth C.: The Up-Country Man -

Saavedra, M.A. and J.M. Gallego: 38 Lessons for Living: Hard and Gentle Insights to Experience Personal Growth and Life Lessons of the Dojo: Martial Virtues Explained -

Saiauski, Winter Kathleen: Lessons in Life -

Saleh, Dolah: Abu El Banat: Father of Daughters -

Salomone, Raimondo: Peace Be With You: A Novel -

Salter, Carol: More to Life -

Saltzman, Laurie: The Mouse That Had No Spouse, Have You Met the Stonkies? -

Salyers, Dianna: Eyes of Amber -

Samelson, William: Beyond Anger: Chronicle of a Life Reclaimed and Misha - Sanders, Deon: Miss Mary Weather and Pen of Iniquity -

Sanders, Phyllis "Teacher": Forsaking All -

Sanders, Teresa M.: The Delelcroie Curse and Entwined Destiny -

Sanders, Will: Whopper Trail -

Sandoval, Antonio: Free Rider -

Sanford, Regina: At Ground Level -

Sarc, Thomas: My Dog's World -

Sargeant, Rob: A Silent Violence -

Sarjant, Anthony: Angel with Crooked Feet -

Sasha: All Because I Love You -

Saul, Stephen: the wind is a blind man tapping -

Saunders, Jesse: House Music…The Real Story -

Sauret, Michel: Breathing God -

Savage, Drew: The Deceivers -

Savage, Merle: Silence in the Sound -

Sawyer, Brent: Into the Midnight Sun -

Sawyers, Buz: No Point in Dying Now and A Debt Unpaid and Decades in Anadar and Murder: Shaken, Not Stirred -

Scaglione, D'Maria: A Unique Bunny and Nevaeh and Natas: A Spiritual Fantasy -

Scaletta, Jane: Kimbo's First Horse Show -

Scanlon, MM: Chronicles of a Life Lost (and Found): A Novel of One Woman's Determination to Survive a Lifetime of Horror -

Schack, Howard H.: The Outside Insider: Oil, Secrets and Spies -

Schaeffer, Don: The Body Event and Notes of a Digital Ghost -

Schafer, Julie Ann: You Gave Me Wings and Legacy of the Lost: Poetry from an Aging Heart -

Schaffer, Stephanie: A Last Chance Girl -

Schavie, Louis R.: The Big Horn Incidents and The Hillsdale Incidents -

Scheer, Steve: A Life of Some Value -

Scheidies, Carolyn R.: When Murder Wakes and The Vengeful Fiancee -

Schermerhorn, Jo Ann: Travel with Me to the Galapagos Islands -

Schlegl, Stacey Lynn: Preconceived Notions: Part of the Happily Ever After Series -

Schmitz, Jennifer: The Hotel Kincaidia -

Schwamberger, Ty: Night School - Schwartz, Max: Genie du Monde - Military Engineers of the World -

Schwimley, Victoria: Coveting Love -

Scott, Austin L.: The Psalms of Lazarus -

Scott, Elaine: These Dreams -

Scott, Jessa Lee: Winds of Gold -

Scott, John: Dawn of New Discovery: World Poetry -

Scott, Judith: Cassandra, My Chattel, My Love -

Scott, Madison C.: Reba -

Scott, Matthew: From Darkness to Light -

Scott, R.: Dostrunia: The Transposition of David -

Scott, R.J.: The Chronicles of Wizard World: Charlie Watson and the Golundrus Cube: Book 1 -

Scott, Rafael: The Lion's Brood: The Story of Hannibal and Beyond Mali -

Scott, Ron: Latte's Counting Book -

Scribbling Eagle, The: The Time Chamber -

Scudder, Jeffrey L.: Where Madness Lies . . . -

Seaman, Kathleen: The Secrets of Cooley Lake -

Sedick, Kemal: Tales of a Chocolate Smuggler -

Sefler, Michaela: Metaphysical Poetry -

Seidl, Bro. Joshua: Hawk Dancer and Cloudburst -

Seitress: Deception and Vows -

Sembera, M.: Rennillia -

Senior, AKA: The Players: Murder Around the World -

Serrano, Andy: Mijo -

Serrano, Tina: Urban Scavenger Hunt -

Sestili, Rich: For Your Penance and The Healer's Cross -

Seth, Josh B.: Offenders and Abuse: An Awareness Guide to Shielding the Community -

Settle, J. Doug: From Stress to Faith Rest -

Sexton, Shirley: Sinister Seduction: The Horrific Haunting of a Southern Family -

Sgroi, Vanessa: Doorway to a Soul and In the Quiet Stillness -

Shackelford, Jeanette Faye: Born to Love -

Shafer, Glenn: Will You Please Let Me Handle It? - |

Shahin, Eman: Benefits of My Cancer: The Story of Surviving Cancer -

Shaindlin, Emily: 3023: Immortal Fidelity -

Shank, Susan: Jinx -

Shannon, Amy C.: Unwritten Life and Contrary Measures -

Sharp, Janice Brunner: Supernatural Surprises -

Shaver, Trish: The Road to Love -

Shaw, Ryan T.: Double Trouble -

Sheets, Steve: LOVE As It Was Meant to Be -

Sheila, Annabel: Sketches of Destiny -

Shelton, Dennis: This Lonely Earth -

Shepard, Deborah: The Pages of Time -

Sheppard, Benjamin: The South Castor Project -

Sher, Kimberley: Jeremy in Charge and Always Olivia -

Sheridan, Dan: Love Life, Lust Life -

Sherman, Angie: A Fantasy to Believe and My Diary of Believing -

Sherman, Debbie: Jenessa's Journey: The Miracle of Baby J -

Sherman, Wynn: Miles of Heart: The Story of the Dan DeAngelo Invitational Hearts Tournament and Double Plays to Dreams: The Road to the CIF Baseball Championship -

Sharratt, Tana G.: An Almost Ordinary Housewife -

Shey, Tim: High Plains Drifter -

Shideler, Martha Jane: Caitlin: Priestess of the Godess -

Shilling, Diane: Getting to Mommy -

Shimokawa, Melanie: A Family for Madison -

Shipley, Tabatha: Modern Classics: A Book of Poetry -

Shook, Ava: The Story of Michelle Brown Vandivere -

Shore, Liz: A Key Keepers Mystery: The Game Begins -

Shore, Michael L.: General Knowledge of Women as a Whole: A Guide and Wakeup Call for Men -

Short, Johnnie: CENTAFMAN: Military Hero -

Shumate, Robert O.: Snuffley -

Shutran, Rita Rebecca: After the Word: How do I Heal After Hearing 'Your child has Autism? -

Siclari, Theresa: The Case of the Missing Hairpin and The Pond Behind Grandmother's House -

Siirila, K.J.: The Mystical Journey: The Book of Elandor -

Silver Fox, The: The Key of Damascus -

Simmons, Derek: Psyche and Flash of Life -

Simmons, Evangelist M.F.: Why The Swan Sings -

Simmons, Gary: Bubba Jones -

Simon, Alan: To Live Among Wolves -

Simon, Lynn Renee: A Journey Into The Mind -

Simpson, Lynn Marie: Blood Curse -

Simpson, Tammy: Tiny Paul the Tarantula Takes a Walk -

Singam, Sang: A Sinful Breed -

Singh, Anil: U5, the Universal University for: The Scientific Art of Managing the Inner World -

Singh, Dheerendra: Wounded Mumbai -

Siple, Nicki: Trapped Inside: The Beast in Me -

Sitaric, Roger: Richard: The Legacy -

Skaggs, Ruth B.: Music: Keynote of the Human Spirit -

Slatton, Drew: What DID Jesus Do?: Come and Hear the Rabbi Y'shua -

Slaughter, Sena: Dark House -

Slauson, Eula: Memoirs of a Woman a Portrait in Poetry and Love at First Fight -

Sledge, Marie: Lord, Come Sit with Me a While -

Slider-Baker, Belinda: Lost Stripes, Please Return -

Smart, Sheldon: Nigga or African-American—Who Am I?: Progress of a People and Race in America -

Smeall, D.G.: ComPENdium -

Smith, Bonnie J. Lytle: -

Smith, Colonel Dean: The Fire That NASA Never Had -

Smith, C.L.: Johnny Ray Is Watching -

Smith, D.L.: Dare Seven -

Smith, Diane Palmer: Make Life Good -

Smith, Doris "Dusty": Dread and the Dead Filled the Dunnam House -

Smith, George: Uncertain Times -

Smith, Glenn E.: Solfleet: The Timeshift Saga: The Call of Duty: Book One of the EXCALIBUR Trilogy -

Smith, Greg: Killing Softly -

Smith, H. Lewis: Bury That Sucka! A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word -

Smith, Horane: The Lynching Stream and Dawn at Lover's Leap: The Jamaican Legend continues and Seven Days in Jamaica -

Smith, Jason: The Truth of Rain -

Smith, Jay William, Jr.: Karma Affects Everyone -

Smith, Jim: The Committee and Operation Sorespot and Fort Defiance and From the Internet With Love -

Smith, Joseph K.: The Substitute Kid -

Smith, Joy V.: Building a Cool House for Hot Times Without Scorching the Pocketbook and Why Won't Anyone Play with Me? -

Smith, Kimberley Leslie: The Love Within a Smile: A Sister's Memoir of a Brother's Disability -

Smith, LaTonja M.: Perversion to Conversion: A True Tale of No More Women: Testimony of LaTonja M.Smith -

Smith, Laura L.: Cantaloupe Trees -

Smith, Margaret Ann: A New Kind of Life for Eddie Eagle -

Smith, Nicole P.: Sapphire and Vengeance -

Smith, Patricia: Fore-Warned -

Smith, Ronald K.: War of the Redhorsemen -

Smith, William S.: Frozen Passage -

Smith, WD: Women and Womb: A Journey Through the Transfer of a Destiny -

Snipe, Kezia A.: Unclassifiable: Entries from Entities -

Snodgrass, Kimberly: Things Happen for a Reason: Even Foster Care and Adoption -

Snow, Steaven R.: Buffet of the Mind and 666: The Things Hereafter and Heroes: Great Characters of the Bible -

Sobek, Josh: II The Second -

Soden-Evans, Paulinerose: Blue Daisies -

Sofroniou, Andreas: The Towering Misfeasance -

Sokol, Kevin D.: Wicked Game -

Solutin, Pablo H.: We Are Gods: Jesus Said So -

Somers, Laura W.: Didn't See it Coming -

Somers, Martin: Paths to Triplos -

Song, B.M: Liquid Reflections: A Stream of Fluid Prose -

Sorenson, Jack R.: Desirae's War: Let the dance of the dark ones begin -

Sosebee, E. Clifton: Sol Centurion -

Soszek, Peter: God Exists: An Engineer Explains Why  -

Soto, Manny: Mi & Two -

Spanedda, Patricia: The Darker Side of Light -

Spangenberg, Daniel R.: Controversy Sells -

Spears, Willie: Keisha's Dilemma and Derek's Dilemma and The Ultimate Dilemma -

Speck, Ralph: A Spiritual Journey and Is that Really what God Said? and Black Draught, Coal Oil, and Sassafras Tea -

Speed, Nakesha: Recess Is Over: Thoughts From a First-Year Teacher and Yucky Brother -

Splater, Brian E.: Words from My Mouth: Person Addiction - and

Spoula, Michael J.: Glimpses of God -

Sprague, Patty: No Tears for Tabitha: A True Story of Challenges -

Spring, Barbara: The Dynamic Great Lakes -

Springer, Amanda: The Military Support Group and In the Eyes of a Military Wife -

Spulman, Samuel: Vyrkolakos; From the Files of the National Paranormal Research Society -

Squire, Pastor CeCeJo: The Wind Carries His Whisper -

St. Romain, William: Empire of Ailon -

Stacks, Barry: All in Vein: The Rise of the Clan of the Lion -

Stafford, Josh: Where Vultures Roost -

Stage, William: Reststop Café and Angels Will Bring You Through: Poems From The heart and A Taste of Life Everlasting -

Staggs, Shawn: Epidemic -

Stalnaker, Kenneth: A Father With Custody -

Stamoulis, Mary Lukes: The Last Emperor of Constantinople and Knights in Rhodes -

Stanley, Todd: The Real True Tales of Joseph McGuff -

Stansfield, David: The Amazing Adventures of Boogie One Shoe and Munch the Mouse -

Starks, L.E.: Ins and Outs of Europe: One Hostel at a Time and Write Soon. Love, Fran: Letters Home from a Korean War WAC -

Starks, Heather: Stains on My Shirt..Life of a Stay at Home Mom -

Starkson, BC: Netwatcher -

Starr, Robert: Until Shiloh Comes -

Stateham, B.R.: Murderous Passions -

Staufenberger, Lori: Eternal Winter and From Blood to Fire -

StClaire, Lauren: Sundown and Pulse: Poetry Anthology I -

Steedle, Nancy: Layer of Lies and Winter Kill -

Steele, Rob: GNA: Initiate and Ascendance -

Steele, Victoria: In Spite of It All: A Poetry Story: A Collection of Poetry of Life as Seen Through the Eyes of a Young Girl, Young Lady, and a Woman -

Stefania: Broken Dreams -

Steiniger, Hans L.: Auditing the Food & Beverage Operation -

Stella, Santiago V.: A Warrior on His Path -

Stem, Raymond: Fast Jack Rose: Ghost Gatherer -

Stephen, Betty M.: From a Gray Perspective -

Stephens, David: IGLOO -

Stephens, Marie H.: Ruptured Moon: Book 1 in the Dotson Pack Series -

Stephenson, Arthur: On Love's Wings I Come to You: Capture the Stars -

Stephenson, J.D.: History's Darkest Hour -

Stephenson, Leeanne Marie: A Prescription for Love -

Stevens, Andrew James: 419: the story of Advance Fee Fraud -

Stevens, Damian: -

Stevens, Eugene C.: Last Stand at Old Man's Creek: The True and Correct Story of the Battle of Stillman's Run, Black Hawk War 1832 -

Stevenson, Toni: Kazmer -

Stewart, David R.: Kevin Doyle and the Mystery of Butu Island and John Doyle and the Pennsylvania Canal -

Stewart, Jim: The Angel From Vietnam -

Stewart, Shawna: Twisted Lessons "From an unknown mind" -

Stieglitz, Dick, Ph.D.: Taming the Dragons of Change: 10 Tips for Achieving Happiness and Success When Everything Around You Is Changing -

Stinson, Aimee: The Bearless City and The Championship Game - Stinson, Scott: Evil Justice -

Stockton, Kevin L.: Death Lessons -

Stoller, Mike: Poems, thoughts, etc. Conversations with me and Rebirth Of The Phoenix -

Stone, Kanith L.: The Forgotten Chord and Other Short Stories and It's a Dog's World -

Stone, R.W.: A Very Shiny Nose and Back with a Vengeance - and

Stone, Samuel E.: Attributes of Tranquility -

Stonecipher, Alan: Hester and the Dungheap, The House on Hopi Lane, and Yerba Buena Cove -

Stonehouse, J.B.: I Am Love -

Storrie, Kathryn: Fannie & Wilke: For the Love of a Country Girl -

Stover, Carol June: Current River Redemption -

Stowe, S.J.: Nella Famiglia -

Strachan, Patrick: Ladies of the Evening Ladies of the Church -

Strawn, Linda: Singing Winds -

Strickland, Sharon: Even Though: A Story About Being Different -

Stuart, David: Three Journeys -

Stump, C.L.: The Night Child -

Sturgill, Joseph: The Scent of Love -

Stute, Lela LaBree: Pugs Go On Vacation, Runaway Pugs, The Big Bad Blonde, The New Guy, and When Pugs Fly! -

Suchy, Vickie: The Tears to Treasure: Amy's Journey -

Sullivan, J.M.: Condominium Cowgirls and Madison and the White Ferrari and Shalina Blue -

Sullivan, Jean: The Blakely Field Stories and The Dauntless One -

Sullivan, Linn: Destiny's Wings -

Summers, Andrew: Tip Toe Around the Devil -

Summers, River: Stories from the Rappahannock -

Sutherland, Winston: Informed Faith: From The Unseen To The Undeniable -

Sutton, Don L.: Choose Freedom: The Journey -

Swacker, Frank: Healthcare's Future? -

Swanson, Bert: Bert Swanson: Golden Poet and The Religious Poetry of Bert Swanson and The Poetry Works of Bert Swanson -

Swatantra, Jain: Muktiya: The Ultimate Freedom -

Swarbrick, David E.: Peggy's Play House -

Swearingen, Adrienne: Cinderella, You Lied to Me: "Where Is the Fairy-tale Effect?" A Hand-held Series for the Wife Serious about Her Marriage and When The Vow Breaks! Stand and I Decided to Stay!: Now What? -

Sweeney, Toni V.: The Rose and the Dragon and Dragon in Chains -

Szajnecki, C. J.: Innocence Betrayed: A Dad's Story of Clergy Misconduct -

Szczecina, Stanley: Laura Leinhart: The Sommers Hill Adventure Series -

Szkutak, Laura Jennifer: Once Upon Charles Dickens -

Szmajlo, Renee: Voice of My Choice -

Szostak, Joe: Evidence of Lost Ancient Civilizations: Case Closed -

Taber, Arden Lee, Psy.D.: Your Insurance, Your Money: Breaking the Silence on Insurance and Healthcare Finances -

Tadych-Grabinski, Judi: Cellar of Secrets -

Tamini, Dofini: Coming to USA -

Tanner, Michael: Days Dark as Night and Nights Lit by Fire: Book Two of the Adami Chronicles -

Tantillo, David: Teaching Tomorrow's Leaders Today: Lessons from L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P. Camp -

Tarr, Rebecca M.: My Cricket and Me -

Tartar, Hal: The Palm Beach Lifestyle Diet: A Healthy Way of Eating and You'll Lose Weight Too!!!: So Easy to Follow and No Exercising or Calorie-Counting -

Tautz, Rudi: Fifteen He Was When He Went to War and Ten He Was When He Found America -

Taylor, Ashlyn Nicole: Sometimes We Fall -

Taylor, Jeremy: Strength of Love -

Taylor, Jim: When Will He Come? A Story of the Christ -

Taylor, Kasey: The Glass Door -

Taylor, Michael: A New Conversation with Men -

Taylor, Michelle: Dying 2 Purpose -

Taylor, Tricia Ann: The Night I Met John Lennon -

Teague, Gypsey: The Life and Deaths of Carter Falls and Two's Company, Three You Die! -

Tellock, Aaron: A King Amongst Deceased -

Temba, Hubert: Passages Love -

Temple, I.M.: Troubled Nightmares: Kate Spry, Volunteer and Amateur Sleuth -

Templeton, David: Until the Judgment and Thy Will Be Done -

Tennison, Mitchell: The Judge's Journal -

Tenspot, S. J.: Dr. Bright and Impress a Peach: The Case of the "UNJUST" -

Teohari, Leo: Hawala: Based on a True Story -

Terry, DeAnna L.: The Search for Magic -

Terry, Virginia: Facets, Phases and Transformation -

Tew, Brad: PIPM Ultimatum -

Thein, Rebecca: Rise Above the Truth -

Theurich, Alfred: Independence Day 2030 -

Thomas, Alan C.: FLASHBACK:Vietnam:COVER-UP:PTSD -

Thomas, Cheryl: From a Mother's Heart -

Thomas, Franklyn, Jr.: The Heart of the Sword: Shallin Awakes -

Thomas, Grace: Gates Pond and On Main Street: A Gates Pond Mystery -

Thomas, Marcus: Reflections in the Mirror, The Student of a Woman, and Tears of Frustrations -

Thomas, Phil Michal: Panels -

Thomas, Robbie: To You from Spirit and Signs from Heaven and Paranormal Encounters -

Thomas, Samantha: Greed, Murder, Lies…Can Love Survive? -

Thomas-Bass, Garie: Purposeful (Not Random) Acts of Kindness: (AKA Beginning Steps for Overcoming Spoiled Brat-aholism) -

Thomas, W.H.: The Primitive One -

Thompson, Dan: The Scot-Irish Experience -

Thompson, Daniel: Caron Brannan: Bound Boy of Belfast -

Thompson, Donna J.: Plot Twist -

Thompson, J.B.: The Blue Frog and The Mozart Murders -

Thompson, Michael: Depression Thrives Inside the Tortured Teenage Mind -

Thompson, Pastor Eddie: A Pastor's Heart  -

Thompson, Paul L.: The Littlest Gun Two -

Thompson, Stephen W.: The Dreamer Within -

Thorstenson, Tim: The Prophet's Journey -

Thrift, Jason R.: The Civilization Loop: The End Is the Beginning…, Recreant: What Are You Afraid Of?, and Beyond the Loop - and

Thunderhorse, Tom: Father Francis -

Thurman, Lois: Ghost of a Vampire -

Tierno, Mark Anthony: Maldene -

Tikalsky, Susan C.: A Prayer Journal Through Mental Illness -

Tippett, Amey: Spilled Ink and Alison's Journey -

Tkachev, Olga: In Search of Pure Truth Which Brings Freedom - Todd, M. Leanne: The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth, so Help Me GOD -

Tofuri, Joe "Tuffy": The Ninth Commandment: Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness and Tuffy's Heroes and Harry the Christmas Angel and The Art of Being Cool -

Toldy, Csilla: Desert Skies -

Tolles, Virginia: Tales Along the Way Home: A Story of Growing Faith -

Tolliver, Bill: The Mad Dog Connection and The Camelot Tapes and Last Plane to Avalon and Twilight in Xanadu -

Tomasino, Vito: Kracek -

Tompkins, Angela: The Epidemic of the Silent Church: Domestic Violence and Church Culture -

Tonderum, Angela: Kaycee Kangaroo Lost in Alphabet Forest: Adventures of Kaycee Kangaroo -

Torres, Manuel: Sikar Spirit -

Towne, Margaret Gray: Honest to Genesis: A Biblical & Scientific Challenge to Creationism -

Townsend, Terry F.: Living Alone with Dementia—Alzheimer's: (How to Keep Your Loved One in Their Home as Long as Possible) -

Trapp, Donna Marie: Finding Emma -

Tremblay, Yan: Overlord: Key to the Freedom -

Tran, Dreama: Isaiah's Story: A Baby's Fight for Life - Trevino, Christopher: A Boy's Destiny -

Trezza, Frank J.: Brooklyn: Steel-Blood Tenacity -

Trias, Mary Lou: Crisis of Identity II -

Trifu, Victoria L.: Feel Free to Fly -

Trighton, Thomas: Hidden Darkness -

Trim, Jacque: Fight for Your Destiny: Breaking Free for Your Breakthrough an dBless The Work of My Hand, O GOD -

Trivette, Joan: My Experiences from Kindergarten to Graduation: A Tongue-in-Cheek Guide for Parents and Volunteers -

Tropez, Susan: High Waters -

Trossen, Jeffrey J.: Flight of the Starling: Mission of the Heart -

Troyer, David H.: All Roads Lead to Rhyme -

Truitt, Christy Kyser: Serenity Point -

Tukey, Paula: Paula T's Favorite Recipes -

Turell, David J, M.D.: Science vs. Religion: The 500-Year War: Finding God in the Heat of the Battle -

Turgeon, Andrew: Social Graces: A Collection of Poetry for the Mind, Heart & Soul and The Elusive Enigma -

Turner, Diane: Tangle-Leina? I'll Tangle-Leina Them -

Turner, Karen L.: Humility Before Honor: 10 Short Stories Meeting Faces Through Scripture -

Turner, Laraine Elizabeth: The Rise and Fall of the Witch on the Bayou -

Turner, Tracie: How to Play the Game, Not the Fool -

Tussinger, W.: The Fourth World -

Tutor, Margaret: A Make-Do Christmas -

Twigg, Jeremy: Destiny of the Sword -

Tynes, Claudia N.: From Journal into Print: A Journey to Freedom From Within -

Tyson, Wycliffe: Using Poetry As A Therapy For Positive Living -

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