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Kay Wiggins
The Green Plaid Jacket
WORDS (Hardy, AR)
September 20, 2008

Phyllis Sanders
Forsaking All
Family Christian Stores (Jacksonville, FL)
September 16, 2008
3 photos

Barbara Kingsmore and Rosemary Ling
I Remember Grandma: A Love Legacy
Tiffin, OH
August 29, 2008

Maura B. Delaney
The Life and Letters of James G. Delaney
Barnes & Noble (Kings College/Wilkes University - Wilkes-Barre, PA)
August 16, 2008

3 photos

E.K. Barber
Flight into Danger
AirVenture Show (Oshkosh, WI)
July 28, 2008

Kristen Kauffman
Just Pretend
Barnes & Noble (Tempe, AZ)
May 31, 2008

Ruth E. Taul
Sandy Creek Junction
May 20, 2008

Deborah Jane Rains
Outlaw Enlightenment
Hastings (Russellville, AR)
April 20, 2008
3 photos

Beverly Rosas
The Hand That Scared Jenny
Kingsburg Library (Kingsburg, CA)
April 18, 2008
2 photos

Wesley Hamilton
The Cycle Can Be Broken
Inspirations Encore (Quebec, Canada)
April 18, 2008

Kristen Kauffman
Just Pretend
Bookman's New and Used Books (Mesa, AZ)
April 4, 2008

Kristen Kauffman
Just Pretend
Barnes & Noble (Prescott, AZ)
March 29, 2008

Ida Plassay
Love of a Lifetime and
Abandoned Love
Chapters (Pinecrest, Ontario, Canada)
March 15, 2008
3 photos

Susan Finelli
Behind the Shadows
Barnes & Noble (Daytona, FL)
March 8, 2008

PM Russell
The Wormhole Adventures: Travel Is Relative
Unknown Location
March 2008

Elaine Wilson
Fisherman Jack's Secret
Bread of Life Bookstore (Melbourne, AR)
February 23, 2008

Elaine Scott
A walk Away From Anger and These Dreams
Scottish Games (Long Beach, CA)
February 16, 2008

S. Paul Klein
Accidents of Time and Place
Barnes & Noble (Greensboro, NC)
February 7, 2008
3 photos

Catherine Watkins
The Library Coffee House (Meridian, ID)
February 2, 2008
2 photos

Arnittress Dowdy
Barnes & Noble (Nanuet, New York)
February 2, 2008
2 photos

I M Temple
Troubled Nightmares:
Kate Spry, Volunteer and Amateur Sleuth

From My Shelf Books (Wellsboro, PA)
December 29, 2007
3 photos

Susan Finelli
Behind the Shadows
Borders (New York, NY)
November 11, 2007

E.K. Barber
Flight into Danger
Barnes and Noble (East Towne Mall -- Madison, WI)
April 26, 2007

E.K. Barber
Flight into Danger
NewComers Group (Crystal River, FL)
January 18, 2007

George Norton
The Den of Iniquity
Borders (Wichita, KS)
January 13, 2007
2 photos

Ruth E. Taul
Sandy Creek Junction
January 1, 2007
3 photos

Bob Woodley
Don't Fry Bacon with Your Shirt Off: A Single Man's Guide to the Kitchen
From My Shelf Books (Wellsboro, PA)
October 13, 2007
2 photos

Dorothy Conlon
At Home in the World
Circle Books (Sarasota, FL)
September 16, 2007

Diane Ganzer
Steel Destiny
Paperbacks Plus (North St. Paul, MN)
August 18, 2007

Eula Slauson
Memoirs of a Woman: A Portrait in Poetry
High School Alumni Banquet (Roxbury, NY)
July 21, 2007
2 photos

Harvey Havel
Freedom of Association
Baby Grand Bookstore (Warwick, NY)
December 9, 2006

Carol Harper
Of Face Value
Barnes & Noble (Little Rock, AR)
November 18, 2006

Carol Harper
Of Face Value
Barnes & Noble (Collierville, TN)
November 16, 2006

Carol Harper
Of Face Value
Barnes & Noble (Marietta, GA)
August 24, 2006

Carol Harper
Of Face Value
Barnes & Noble (Rome, GA)
July 22, 2006

Joan A. Morgret
Pass The Regret
Waldenbooks (Hanover, PA)
December 10, 2005

Daryl Worcester
The Chapters of Life and Concepts of Life: A Biblical Reality into God's Plans for Man
Kansas State Fair
September 2005
4 photos

Amelia Amy Peterson
Heart Felt Up
Barnes & Noble (Santa Clarita, CA)
August 13, 2005
2 photos

Rob Sargeant
Lost Ark Found
Engedi Oasis Cafe (Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada)
April 21, 2005

Roberta Schultz Benor
How to Succeed in Parenting:
120 Ways to Have a Great Family

Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington (Rockville, MD)
November 12, 2004

Mary Sadler
God Walked The Dark Hills Of MY Life
3 photos

Sandra Bowman
Let Me Just Say This
9 photos

Helen W. Hunt
Encouraging Words
4 photos

Jim Carruth
Rosa's Revenge

Terrence Ellery
P.K.'s Betrayal: (Party King's Betrayal)
6 photos

Gene Triesch
Truth or Consequences: The Battle for Beulah Land. The Church in a Rearview Mirror
3 photos

Rose Haynes
Searching for Home
4 photos

Arlene Mancil
The Angel Explains Christmas Blessings and The Garden Fairy
The Heritage Museum (Douglas, GA)

Alan Moffett
The Eighth Crest

Brenda Jones
Standing Up
5 photos

Cathlene Smith
Slivers of Reality

William Baxter
Notes From My Head
8 photos

Belle Bright
Crash, Bang, Boom, Zing
2 photos

Gil Schriber
Gone Beaver
Bryant's Arcade (Lincoln, IL)
2 photos

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