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Promotional Materials:
What's the deal, and how do you do it?

Hi folks!

In this edition of the PublishAmerica Help Files, we'll discuss promotional materials, and how to go about getting them. Let's break this down . . .

A. Uh . . . Why do I need promotional materials?

Well, you don't need them. Should you probably have them anyway? Yeah. As the Author-that is, the major marketing force behind your book-you'll want to have an arsenal of tricks at your disposal for promoting your book. Promotional materials, such as postcards, flyers, posters, bookmarks, etc., are a standard part the well-armed author's bag of tricks.

You'll need a display for your public events, like book signings or speaking engagements. You'll want something to hand out to people, probably with ordering information printed on it. You might want signs to put in public places where readers collesce; places like coffee shops, bookstore bulliten boards, and local writers' group meeting places.

The bottom line is that promotional materials make you more visible, and the more visible you are, the more books you're likely to sell.

So, the big question that's probably on your mind now is . . .

B. Does PublishAmerica provide promotional materials?

I'm sorry to disappoint you, folks, but the answer is: No. PublishAmerica does not provide promotional materials. We publish the book, and work to ensure that book's availability. By that point, PublishAmerica has already assumed an immense financial burden on behalf of the book and its author. Therefore, the author must provide their own promotional materials and the opportunities to use them.

C. Well, where do I begin?

The first step is to decide what to have made. Common items include:

  • postcards
  • posters
  • flyers/signs
  • bookmarks

Other options may be mugs or candies with printed wrappers. There are a wealth of possibilities.

The last thing you'll need to do in preparation is decide what will go on the materials. You'll definately want to include the following:

  • Author Name
  • Book Title
  • Book ISBN
  • PublishAmerica's contact information (for ordering)
  • Retail Price

Other good ideas, if space allows, are:

  • Book Summary
  • Author Bio
  • Good Reviews
  • Author Photo

Generally, the more information you can provide, the better off you'll be. However, be certain to balance information with attractive presentation. If the promotional item doesn't look good, no one will pay attention to it. One must be careful not to clutter the item with too much content.

When all of this is said and done, the last task is to find a printer. There should be plenty of local options, and if all else fails, turn to the internet. It shouldn't be difficult to dig up someone to make the stuff. Then start passing it out!

D. Great!!! Is there anything else?

Nope. That should just about cover it. If you have any questions, you can contact PublishAmerica's Author Support Team for assistance. Please contact them via the Support Questions and Answers Form.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!


The Helpful People At PublishAmerica, Inc.



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